Monday, 14 November 2011

Take Away

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If you know anything about the Easyjet borough then you will always be asking where are the Chinks?, in this the most Holocaust Survivor of boroughs. Everyone thinks of Japs or Russ or Pakis when this heathen place is considered but no one ever thinks Chinks, why? Why should they be so visible and yet invisible. This is the largest concentration of them in the RCE/LC after all. All tapped into the slaver network. The local take away, not its real purpose nor appearance, just before handing over to a South Asian overseas shipper, though not the controlling interest which remains Orient bound, got a lonely singular proto-cockler I’ll bet , to chip away at the pavement edging stones with hammer and chisel, no power tools, until he’d fashioned an access from the street onto their property. All cleared though the borough council’s graft macht frei network.

What do they do here? They are nowhere to be found, unlike the other half of the boroughs crime nest, messing around on the political theatre or the happy box.

Well every public transport node has a loverly chuck wagon, that is obvious, location, location, and location. And if you’ve ever swanned through the chop suey provisioner shops you’ll be left wondering about the British Leylandesque style over manning of these places, so the basics of what we’ve been told about economic theory are destroyed right there and right then. Yet they remain curiously redacted from history. Very few are their numbers in education whether teacher or pupil.

With this rattling around in the background of the windmills of my mind, yesterday as I listened to Rundfunk4 I actually paid attention to the hagiography of one of the muppets that were determined to destroy UKplc after 1997 through massive illegal immigration of crime families and their retainers, and instinctively I knew that there was a shine job on.

Tom Watson MP
Available to listen
Edward Stourton profiles Tom Watson, the MP who took on the Murdoch media empire.

That is after all what Goebbels’ Gobshite Towers is for. Pravda sur Salford, the STASI Khazidroid news. The Amnesia Gazetteer und Pamphleteer Bomber. Then I clocked this at pascasher’s shop .

Oy, so called, awkward squad member why don’t you ask some real questions you bitchboy?

Like “Where is the phukkin chinkbitch with the happy fists?”

You know; the inbred ChiComm mare that Nixon’s CIA creation is horizontal jogging. The front who doesn’t get political protest in her elitist oligarchic manufactured tiny teeny triad boybitch mind.

Tom Watson boybitchboy for the djinn and Mafia soldier.