Thursday, 17 November 2011

I am not an intuitive.

I am not Phukk D’Witzz.

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I know it is a tad early for the weekend, but do schedule some time with a large snifter, and then enjoy. You’ve got 13, so far, episodes to battle your way through.

Don’t forget to bring the full nine yards. I have never seen a knife fight so well arraigned!!

I have pulled this one for your delectation because if you’ve let the excruciating “musik” that swamped the beginning of everyone of her “witnesses” spilling their guts minddrifts drive you to buying a toucher to kill every last big cat in sight, then you will understand what is coming next.

Fairy stories and folk tales actually communicated and transmitted lore and knowledge and warnings to poor persons.

Rich, soon to be poor, persons get wonderful wankstator bollox. Empty, jaffa bollox. Still producing progeny but sterile in spirit and gullible, cullable and dullable in extremis U-bend disposable prophylactics culpable perps of the iCSI.

Do not enjoy, go and straffe some wildlife.

Phukkmee I forgot the whistleblower’s bollox as well!!!