Monday, 7 November 2011

Just what use is UKplc? Part 2- Administration of Amnesia or Lead Pill Pharmacy.

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If they finally get the main event kicked off then they will need to administer state sponsored amnesia either through mercs, paramilitary or rabid believers. This is a concomitant part of the whole society as weapon system concept. Whilst the goons who never work hide away safely from the gunfire and sniper, concocting cover stories to feed the remainder after the cease fire is called, just like they all fled and hid in USofA corp. last time, the likely spot for the last redoubt this time must be Patagonia, the special extermination squads of StoƟtruppen and Gosudarstvennoye Politicheskoye Upravlenie will be hard at work bringing amnesia to the masses again so that no one can ever put together what really happened again. Everything mixed up or blasted from history.

The whole extended process requires a great deal of dead collective collateral memory so that no one can actually point at the murderers and say ”They did it, they started the whole conflict”. It took from 1913 until 1989, 76 years, for the last business plan to get carried out. So imagine the length of time it will take to complete the even more ambitious business plan kicked off in 1990. We can only be about 20% through it at the moment.

No one seems to understand that we are seeing the manipulation of USofA corp. along the lines that the Russian Empire got a century ago. No wonder everyone is blind to this danger. Everyone’s memory space is clogged with false memory syndrome implanted through the 24/7 sewer pipe that opens into the bowels of your home. Excrement of biblical proportions ruins our spirit and wit. Toxic nonsense like CorriEnderDale, Apprehentice and X-Farter destroy our collective and individual reality. It is all so simple and the script writers, who get paid a mint from our public purse, don’t even have to create anything. Just open up the heathen sacred books at any random page and start making it contemporary, hoary and contemptible.

This contains all you need to see to understand the obfuscatory process at work. Note that the only thing to be allowed a little part of your corrupted memory space, the only item that can push aside the false memory syndrome induced by 24/7 make believe phekkwittery from the fiction factory is another load of fiction created by the creatives in the screen writers guild as weapon system.

UKplc is lucky(?) in that it had its clock wiped centuries ago. English civil war, Highland clearances, Transportation, Industrialisation. The chances of piles of dead people littering Rothschild’s great nationwide estate are slim now, though there will be ghettos established for the non compliant and concentration camps for the persistent offenders. All done quietly under D notice cover though. UKplc just what use are you?

However it is the other places that will be getting the holocaust-no-holohoax amnesiac monomaniac treatment.

India and USofA corp.

I will demonstrate how this works by asking some questions.

Who genocided the Indians?

Who genocided the Indians?

Who genocided the Germans?

Who genocided the Russians?

Who genocided the Armenians?

Who genocided the Iraqis?

Who genocided the Chinese and the Irish using famine as a weapon disguised as administrative failures? Always ready with a cover story to hide the eviloids at work.

All of the above got kicked off by a bunch of clowns who take their fiction seriously enough to actually make it reality for billions. Theft of lives, under market cover, disguised as economics, masquerading as secular contracting, hiding the heathen and their worship of gold as given to them by their hate fuelled god in the mysths of time.

The art of disinformation, cloaking the deliberate targeting of the newly made helpless, whilst manufacturing an imbecilic faction to cover their murderous history. Always on the run, always fleeing, always thieving just like in Goldman Sucks et al in assorted heathen havens distributed round the planet. Once you notice what they’ve done you are either dead or the perps are in another jurisdiction. That is what is going on at the east end of the Mediterranean today. The RCE/TA is erecting a wall to make sure they are never bothered by all who have been fleeced in the west. Under Muslim Brotherhood cover they’ll beaver away, out with our law’s reach, on another scheme to liberate the Indians of their gold and drag it out of the mouths of still twitching Hindu’s or lop of the limbs of bejewelled brides so that Roth can build himself a sold gold seat in the 3rd temple.

And now that USofA corp. peasants have noticed that there is something rotten in the kingdom we can be sure that decades of decay will be followed by chaos and designer breakup. Don’t be fooled into thinking that somehow the curse of the Affliction will not be visited upon you. It will, it is what they do when discovered, after moving to a previously prepared base of operations under victim cover.

So anyone who has noticed this fact is going to get genocided. Anyone who is rich but not part of their system will get similar.

If digital genocide does not get your memory then you can be sure you are due to get administered to by the Lead Pill Pharmacy.

UKplc is a great big player in the digital genocide industry, it is all they can do, scripts write over the graves of billions to come.

UKplc just what use are you?