Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Strikes and Spites

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Apparently this is still on.


I am no union man. Indeed I believe that union leaders are all bought out. The proof of this is the fact they’ve called this useless strike in 2011. Withdrawn their labour to spite their faces.

The real STRIKE started here. These slobs withdrew their credit, we call it money, and that means you can labour as long as you like but you are not getting paid nor pensioned. That is their spite face.

And no union, Unionist, trade unionist nor politicalphukkmuppet will ever let on, lest they get unpensioned, that the numbers game has finally turned against the proles, now that the flat caps and their bastard brew give birth to vacuous iWii and flat screen bingo tellyvisual ceremony iGREEN.

The syphilitic court tarts and useless eunuchs know this.

Up the workers, who photographed this? And right up their perp reps!

You have no idea what you’ve done by omission. Gangmasters are here in UKplc, Phukk D’Witzz, because you unionists all went on strike and didn’t realise you were being lead like fools to the laughter house. No spelling mistake there, your reps are pissing themselves, their bosses are cheering every dying twitch you make, unemployed fools, 6 Sigma’d serfs and idolatrous idle.

“Maputo – Mozambique has revoked the visas of three Chinese men accused of beating construction workers with a hammer and scalding them with boiling oil, private newspaper O Pais reported on Friday.

Rothschild, and his courtisans, is free to roam in a peaceful land he recognises again.

Don’t dare speak up, know your place, get in line you fucktard.

Enjoy your silence.