Tuesday, 15 November 2011

On the other side of the Harem curtain. Part 1.

Did you hear that?

I think it was definitely your correspondent who, after clocking the unreality spewing onto Milblogs and Milspec sites, noted that USofA corp. would not be able to finance another tailhook party, when the dollar was a minute percentage of its 2007 value and the price of everything was valued in gold, never mind police the commons as a good unheathen nation should. And lo it did come to pass that the pennies are dropping amongst the newly proselytized heathenoids in Ba'al's country now.

If the muppet that spanks manoil all over the pixels at this blog could see that all coming down the pike then we can all leap to the conclusion that 2+2=6 and note that it was all planned that way, no matter what spunk drenched nonsense was getting pumped out of the defence think tanks over the past decade.

These highly paid holders of advanced degrees in applied phekkwittery don’t seem to know anything about history nor about the unreal world of magik money. I’m not talking about programmes of colour, this blog seeks to remain diversity and PC compliant I hope you note, but the root of all evil; stealing gold and generating money as debt from the aether.

If you understand the following progression, which the anointed with the PhDs don’t seem to be able to get their fat heads round, Sumer-Baalbek, Babylon, Carthage-Athens-Rome, Venice, Madrid-Amsterdam, RCE/LC-RCE/NY, RCE/TA-RCE/BS then you will already know that my suspicions are that the pirate base at RCE/TA is getting ready to ditch the west and linkup with their bestest chummies in the ChiComm slaving paradise. Aren’t they just so well suited to each other?

I love the bit from the quote below “intensify counterterror, anti¬smuggling, anti-proliferation” Well RCE/TA-RCE/BS if you’d stop the terror, cease the human trafficking and stop causing trouble then you could fuck off back indoors and get the kettle on for a peaceful cuppa. But you cannot; can you? You are NOAHide compliant and cannot cease until the whole world is cloaked in your eviloid nonsense.

With that in mind let us look at what might be getting revealed about the other part of the long range planning process in the Muslim Brotherhood’s NOAHide compliant hood, the other side of the Harem curtain.

He noted that the proposed Deep Corps special operations force supports a new op¬erational concept coalescing within the IDF called “the operational arena between wars.” Under this new concept, the IDF must be prepared to intensify counterterror, anti¬smuggling, anti-proliferation and other op¬erations beyond its immediate and interme¬diate circles of enemy states to the so-called outer circle of threats.

First thing to note is that it is highly likely that if we are getting to know about this deep recon stuff then it is most likely operational, not planned, actually up and running most likely riding off USofA corp. assets that still exist but are soon to disappear. Diego Garcia? Might go ChiComm. Go check the territory swap in the Caribbean between Spain, Netherlands, France and Britain over the centuries as each waned. All covered by fighting through private armies and navies. Financed by whom? Of course you got it. ChiComms are sniffing all over the Maldives right now.

As an aside I think that the reason we found B17s in Europe and B29s in Japan, just wander through the Bomb Line stuff to see my further musings on that, was because the USofA corp. was never supposed to be in a European war. Europe is Roth territory after all and it has taken 70 years to finally get the Rock noses out, after turning the USofA corp. into a heathen dump.

Anyway let us examine my crystal balls and pop on the non-linears.

The Roth pets in ChiCommland have been given a Nazi license, that is a Shacht like patent to be free of the main Ponzi scheme for a limited time, at the same time as the main Ponzi scheme has desiccated the west. That means the Rock territory in once again directly subservient to the senior branch; The Roth. It really did stick in their Roth craws when USofA corp., not then yet heathenite, told them and the remote control muppets to get the phukk out of Suez almost 60 years ago now. Well no longer, USofA corp. heathenoid zentral jumps, thanks to the brood mare Dunham getting knocked up with made to order and on spec Roth scion. Now that is long range planning all righty and you can do that stuff when you control all the debt based finance in the world and are a transmillenial inbred crowd of eviloid muppets.

What RCE/TA is signaling with this change of mission is a process of managed introduction of their new soldiers into their back yard. When USofA corp. leaves, pretty soon, then the last thing these pirates want is another unmanaged asset causing havoc so near to Roth’s golden throne in the 3rd temple. Roth does not want their trained ChiCommChimps, hence forth denoted as CCC which is fitting I feel, like Stalin going off the rails and letting the power go to their heads.

It is instructive to note that the IDF strike fighters have been tearing up and down the Med practicing for a strike in Iran; well that’s what we are told. UKplc RAF pilots have to go to the funfair to get airborne but the RCE/TA pirates get to zip up and down from RCE/TA to Gib. All day everyday, no expense spared. Oh and we are also supposed to be looking at a major strike into Iran using dumb smart bombs and a great big fireball. Well I've given my suspicions about what is really going down here. The real fireballs will again be seen around the Indus.

Weeellll; what if Iran is being managed just so, like Russia was before Stalin went rogue, like Germany was before Hitler proved so effective, what if Iran is not the target? Though it will get clattered if it goes off script. What if the whole thing is a great big shine job so that we don’t notice we’ve been managed out and the CCC managed in?

And that takes us to Darwin next outing, amongst other places.