Sunday 13 November 2011

The Bomb Line Part 11. Jin money creators of the djinn.

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Continued from The Bomb Line Part 10. Crisped. Not Smoked. Nor Gassed.

Ever wondered who redacts time?

Ever wondered why things happen sooo slooowwlllyy…and then concatenate to pico second chaos? Ever wondered why your contrite perception is not a YOU conceive iota? Ever wondered why there are so few things that actually make sense in this world? Well that is because the good guys are the bad guys in disguise.

I have a lot of time for Bob Chapman, though his hunting license is not as extensive as Maximum Max’s, he does not do the religious aspect of the religioKriminal enterprise. (Or perhaps he hides his light under a bushel.) The Ponzi scheme, the iAMscam. Max does get in there with diatribes but is always NOAHide clod; you need to notice these things in order to work out the scrubbings of the ascribed.

A little while back at the other shop I touched on the interesting tale of a Jesuit missionary in 17th century China coming across a bunch of desolate Hebrews “the decrepit Hebrews discovered in the 17th century near Peking” which perhaps is related to the writings of the Jesuits named here. You know me so when I read Jesuit, Spain/Portugal and then Rome combined with voyages of discovery, I think Ba’al Hammon and Phoenicia.

So a little while back I stumbled upon this “Jews Assists Ancient Chinese to Make Earliest Paper Money: Expert

Notice in this account the dusty donkey driving survivors have degenerated into nothing, and yet. Yet. There’s one of my suspected perps again. Spaghetti boy. What was you real Star Chambered handle china? Going out east exploring. Nah, going out east and checking up on progress so far. A recon mission and report back, keeping the old LOCs pinged.

Do you really think that anyone but a muppet would fall for the old “Piri Reis Map” cover story? Do you think that only muppets would believe that “The institute, best described as a fifteenth century research and development facility, included libraries, an astronomical observatory, ship-building facilities, a chapel, and housing for staff.” was anything but a Ba’al Hammon outpost. Note the stupid hat, stupid clothes and, if he had them, stupid shades are assumed.

Not far from Cadiz it was.

Anyway just consider how much effort it took to get China blasted from one end to the other after Marco turned up and clocked that the natives were due for a massive dose of Affliction. Abrahamist clowns; the lot of them. Babylonian Talmudists, Muslims NOAHidists, Christian Ensatzgruppen, More Talmudist Babylonians, His nibs Hong Xiuquan a Christian Heathen, The Fools Golden Heathen Horde and the Kiddie Fiddler on the Roof, and now they are running a Nazi state free from Rock/Roth control, apparently.

So there we have it; a good 600-800 years to kill off a society and culture. Don’t get me wrong I’m no proselytizer for Confucianism, but it did not cause the Anthropomorphic Global Desecration that monotheist heathenism has and will continue to do.

How long to do the same to the shit house that has this for culture?