Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Curious Affair of the Humane Human Traffickers

Image source.

Last evening on UKplc C4Snooze we were invited to wonder at the South Korean government fueled human trafficking loop round the 38th parallel via Thailand.

His nibs is getting a tour of the Slaving State to keep our eyes fixed on his stupid hair, stupid shades and stupid casting couch threads.

Nothing new there.

Why is it everytime I see that little Dear Leader I think of this little creep?

However the really interesting thing about all this malarky is that there is now a functioning logistics route able to shift thousands per year through Laos. Kind of Ho Chi Minh trail lite.


Well that means there is a nice rat run for my ISI and VEVAK trained chummies to get into the SE Asia area, supplied and armed to cause mayhem for their, ultimate, ChiComm paymasters.

Laos. Look at the place on a map. It is central for infiltration of all the surrounding countries.

Burma and Laos down.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand to go.

Then you are in Malacca.