Saturday, 11 June 2011

Phukk D'Witzz Heathen Perp Alert.

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Geezer David X. Li who featured at this here modest swill bucket in January is now employed, no doubt with a Hero of the Maoist Revolution award hanging in his office, very happily as head of bollox here.

China International Capital Corp. CICC.

No doubt he dines out every night on Peking Duck in….. Beijing.


Well this geezer Yiping Huang has turned up guess where?

I’ll leave those of you who don’t keep up with current events to go and work it out for yourselves.

He hangs out here. China Center for Economic Research. CCER (Hank loves Peking Duck too!)

He also dines out every night, no doubt, on Peking Duck in…… Beijing.

Are you getting this?

So lets do some BOOLEAN.


Result 1

Result 2

I’ll bet they all dine out every night on Peking Duck in…..Beijing.

Oh yes DSK, the degenerate bastard, got fitted up all right. Got too fond of Peking Duck I’ll bet.

So the geezers that torpedoed the USofA corp by ignoring vectors and concentrating on the scalars have turned up at Bilderberger 2011.

Lets get this clear. I’ll state it in clear English.

The Maoist state, which is the closest we have currently to the Nazi state, bestest mates of the RCE/TA (Isn’t that interesting?), the ChiComm slaving state, the ChiComm body part stealing state, the ChiComm child killing state, the filthy Communist Fascist bastards, the UN’s favourite, Soros’ ideal state was invited to hang out in Switzerland by the Bilderberger scum after they dropped a weapon of mass destruction on the global financial system. Nuking us into poverty.

And they brought along the Fifth columnists that sabotaged the world economy to a top gaff where the scum don't get a look in.

Now I’ll wager no one kicked the Red slavers in the balls. I’ll bet it was back slapping all round.

Somewhere the ChiCommbergers, The CFR and the Bilderbergers got together, somewhere really quiet, whilst Big Jim Tucker and Alex Jones were chasing Peter Mandelson, and plotted the take down of us all. Sometime around 1995 I’ll bet.

BTW does anyone know just what the ChiComm equivalent of the Bilderbergers are?

Shouldn’t be hard to spot them.

Look for chamber maids that have been raped and then forced into a live abortion.

They are all, every last one of the elitist scum, Heathen.