Thursday, 2 June 2011

der Geheimen Staatspolizei nicht wünschen, dass Sie wissen……

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Played with google translator to give today’s outing that quelque chose de certain local colour.

I wanted to give a soupcon of internationalism to the following question.

How can a geezer from Canada arriving here from The Netherlands and now parked in a boozer in Eire be a threat to my serenity? What could he say that would cause me, and others by implication, to go skrypto and torch the capital.

He must be a REALLLY BAAAADD man.

In fact when we take a glimpse of the smurphbuggerers that have cooled their heels in this town he must be one of the world’s top international terroristas with a body count in the billions in his murky past, mustn’t he? He must be a kryptoskryptospykopath of the first order.

Let us have alook at some of the past blood drenched visitors to the RCE/LC to see if we can get a handle on just how bad this monster must be.

A bigger murdering nutter than this guy. He gets fêted and allowed to wear ludicrously patterned shirts, in fact spattered, would be a better description of his atire. He’s been the darling of the slobbering MSM and RCE/LC cocktail circuit so our mystery Canuck must be a right butcher then.

I’ll bet he’s had more people offed than this clown. Perhaps that gives us a handle on how perverted and blood soaked our, obviously, fugitive from the RCMP is. I mean this off shore guy got to study here, rest his arse in a toffy krimsoaked part of Barnet, and even had his doctorate doctored for him. We cannot be faulted for our academic rigour here in RCE/LC. So the Mapled fugitive must be thick as shit as well as knee deep in totenkopf.

Perhaps he is even more of a slavvering monster than this guy. Crimes of omission are still crimes of emission. We got the carpet out for him and his possé. As far as this Phoenician is concerned it would be far better that we were all dead and off the face of the planet. Having alive people around can get sooo tiresome for the average Nazi cleric. Poor, dead people is a higher calling. So the boy from across the pond must be a real bastard then. The Mountie's most wanted baddy most likely kills through scriptures and sacred texts, to do the job by proxy

What a Canuckunt! I’ll bet he’s even more evil than one of the most famous, foundation bitchboy, residents of the dump called Highgate. How many dead can be laid at the feet of this library botherer. How many skeletons buried under his, all knowing, tomes to death. Billions. And he works for same crew as the Nazi above. What a bunch of Kants and Knuts have lived or visited in the Smoke over the years completely unmolested. So what’s with the natty hatted geezer from the prairies then?

I don’t know, perhaps someone can tell me just what I might hear down Trafalgar Square this Saturday June 4th that will set me off on a mentalist spree up The Mall.