Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The rationing has started…

…and the extreme travel restrictions will arrive soon for the soon to be departed.

Quelle surprise! Eh? The inability of the UKplc business class in general to deliver anything to anyone, reliably and cheaply, has caused a stir.

WTF!!! Morons, where do you think you live?

A republic? Somewhere that means you are free? You live in a paddock. You live in a farm. You are property. You got owned bitches.

I remember when the Bernie Madoff scandal hit town a commentator remarked that there was nothing wrong with a geezer making a market. Nobody could dispute that. However there are no markets. Only theft and MBAbitchboys pretending there is a market.

You see boybitches you’ve been fleeced of your morals. Morals are the things that protect you when the circus of larceny visits your society. You’ve had them stolen by religious atheists. Oh yes, they may have appeared to you as secular and atheistic, but they worked for a religion alrighty and now you are naked upon the bare plain as the evenings strart to draw in and the first flakes of snow fall.

Phukk D’Witz.

Now you are going to lose your lives in many, many unpleasant ways.

How do I know that death stalks us? Simples, all you need to do is look at who is being brought in as refugees. Sarah sees this differently of course but it is undeniable.

Let us look back at a conversation that must have taken place somewhere around 20 years ago near St Mary Axe.

“This place is getting levelled soon”


“Yes, the bouys will be visiting. We need to make room for ziggurats. It is now out of time.”

“Well I know that the WTC is going to get levelled but this seems rather too fine grained a minor detail for the bigger picture”

“Correct but we need to address a very local issue which the bigger picture is driving. Hence our discussion today about the broad sweep out in the hinterland. Not just here in the City.”

“Ah yes, we got rid of her nibs and the stopgap won’t dare do anything or we’ll throw him off the hire high wire act! Couldn’t resist that one. Haha. Seriously though we need to identify a suitable liar. What are the requirement? Do we have a candidate?”

“The requirements are that we need a cadre of first, preferably second, generation speakers of Pakistan region and East European origin safely housed in the UK. The plan is to start the final integration of the planet out past 2012. To that end we need to open the floodgates here in the UK quickly and for that we need a front man”

“Ah yes, British language skills. None existent”

“Correct so we’re going to do what we did in the early part of this century. Import the skills that we cannot be bothered teaching to our peasants. Scum!”

“Well if we look at her majesty’s loyal opposition there is no one there that satisfies our requirements. Like Thatcher they won’t deliberately sell out their country.”

“We have a candidate on the farm, he’s been groomed, smart enough to get the job done. Not smart enough to think it through. He’s apparently got charisma. Once we’ve got Rupert’s rags to start up their operations against the locals he’ll be in. Ideal.”

“What’s the name”

“Gordon Brown”

“Splutterrr…cough, cough. Sorry the G&T went down the wrong way. Are you sure? Brown’s got the charisma of a freshly laid cow pat”

“Yes. The farm list is topped by Brown.”

“Tell me has the farm been using that Shanghai based outsourcing firm again?”

“Yes they have a splendid crew. Why do you ask?”

“We used them to find us a guy to replace you know who and that went tits up. Leave this to me I’m dining at the Granita tonight. I know of someone we should consider.”

“OK Peter report back ASAP.”

And that’s how we got swamped with overseas rentseekers. The RCE/LC imports the skills it needs for the next big one every time. It is a signature of impending war. The useless locals need to be cleared away to make room for the new, highly prized, arrivals.

I mean look at us UKplc. Right now in the Smoke this shit is going down. Leave anything to the state and you will get stiffed. Have you seen what teacher training entails? Check out the end product. So if I went to, let me see, CalTech and every aircraft I designed crashed and burned you would raise an eyebrow wouldn’t you. If I trained at Barts and my operating theatre turned into a morgue everyday, you’d think pointy questions. Wouldn’t you?

How come no one asks what the fuck is going on with tecacher training then? In fact what is wrong with UKplc education in general. Well of course you and I, me and you, we know that the whole point of the education here is to keep you dumb and dumbfounded. If UKplc children were educated, and there is no lack of money to do so, then they would grow up smart and savvy, quickly torch RCE/LC and string these relgious criminals, that infest the square mile, from gibbets.

From that day onwards peoples from all over the world would come to UKplc to shake our hands, buy us drinks and shag us and then return after a short while to their lands to stay and raise their families in peace. For they would know that the great existential parasitic threat to their lives had been removed for ever and ever. Amun Hotep.

Anyway back to reality.

An overseas friend of mine remarked long ago that it was a disgrace the way the world’s, then, 5th largest economy treated its old. Well no surprise that the GGT have been working hard grooming our young on the concepts of eugenics and euthenasia. All wrapped up in a caring blanket of schmooze. Just like the debate on killing the defenceless in the womb was all wrapped up in caring meist Maoist statism. No morals allowed. No stopping the state and its wishes. Ever noticed that the state never protects anything? It defends all sorts of issues and will pay any price for its hireling liarlawyers only if there are dead bodies at the end of the process. Have you noticed that the state is a danger to human wellbeing now? The modern state is a clear and present danger to humanity. It only serves the evil fiction of the corporate person. Of course for state and corporate person one needs to read the religious mind. A particular religious mind that needs human sacrifice. Regularly.

So back to Blighty. When will the penny drop? When will the UKplc peasants revolt?

I think that the current answer to that is that even though most of their predelictions are indeed revolting none of them will stir. Whatever it was that made them once great has been bombed, machine gunned, polluted and bred out of the herd.