Wednesday, 22 June 2011

El Gaucho

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Well as you know all saddles are not filled up yet. 4 are empty. Right now we’ve got Catherine, Max and Gerald. Well I'm pleased to say that this lad has been on the watch list for a long time now and I’m glad to note he’s made the grade. The 4th saddle is now occupied.

H/T Stench of Zion.

Just a couple of notes about Adrian’s remarks. If one knows how the CHEKA, OGPU and NKVD got started you’ll recognise his concern about the small community of Ba’al Hammon worshippers in Argentina getting a hugely disproportionate amount of the publicly funded State Security System devoted to their “protection” because they are a threatened minority. The same process is recognisable in UKplc and USofA corp today.

One other note about’s Adrian’s presentation.

If I met Lazar Kaganovich and stuck the nut in him, then booted him in the balls every time we met, then I would concede that there may be a case for calling me Anti-Kaganovich or even Anti-Khazari. However I would defend my behaviour by pointing out that finding such a psychopathic mass murdering Ba’al Hammon worshipping sociopath still alive, my reaction would be an act of self defence lest he should worm his way into the local State Security Apparatus(TSA) and come after my family. Never the nonsequitor Anti-Semitic.

Similarly were I to meet Hasdrubal and smashed his face in every time we met I would concede that I may be a tad Anti-Carthaginian or Anti-Phoenician or maybe Anti-Hasdrubal. However I would defend my actions by pointing out that finding such a racist, mass murdering, Anti-Celtic, psychopathic, supremacist, Ba’al Hammon worshipping gangster heathen still alive it would be an act of self defence lest he should bring his child murdering cult to my shores. Though since Hasdrubal actually was Semitic I’ll wager that will confuse the current faux Semites in our midst.

If you don’t recognise the Ba’al Hammon in our midst then there is no hope for you. The Phoenician Bishop of Rome knows who he worships alrighty. EUROMED knows to whom they owe allegiance.

Ba’al Hammon loves every sip of Pepsi we take and every mote of spiralling smoke from the NHS incinerators.

Getting it yet?