Friday, 10 June 2011

Mobility Kill and Overstretch. Pt 3.

As I said a while back, and now Maximum agrees with me.

My original thoughts were summed up thus.

They are not qualified to rate my farts.

Let us update the ratings then.

Old list. Now derated by another Z.

Alan Greenspan ZZZZ---∞
Fitch ZZZZ---∞
Moody’s ZZZZ---∞
S&P ZZZZ---∞
Gordon Brown ZZZZ---∞
Barry Soetoro ZZZZ---∞
Goldman Sachs ZZZZ---∞
Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski ZZZZ---∞
George what’s your real handle? Soros ZZZZ---∞
Maurice Strong ZZZZ---∞
Al Gore ZZZZ---∞


David Cameron (Drugcartel scion) ZZZZ---∞
Hillary (Dope inc.) Clinton ZZZZ---∞
DSK (Rapacious exIMF bitchboy mysogynist) ZZZZ---∞
IMF rapacious shithole ZZZZ---∞
WTO ditto WTO ZZZZ---∞
Ben (Printer’s Ink) Bernanke ZZZZ---∞
RCE/TA (Tortuga sur Med) gangster and pirate base from where the WTC mission was masterminded which allowed their ChiComm bestest buddies, slaving bitchboy, our pension money stealing fuckkedwitz to make their break through the First Island Defence chain soon. ZZZZZZZZZZ--------∞

Talking of which what have our organ trafficking, slaving, child killing Red bastard bestest mates with Rothschild Heathen Zentral sur Med (RHZsM aka RCE/TA) been up to recently?

Well last year they pulled this one near Japan. Nice summary of this years cruise as well.

Note that now Japan, S Korea, Taiwan (USofA corp) are dead in the water there is more attention going on down Malacca way. Whilst the total might, 3 choppers, of UKplc flys off a mercantile standard hulk off Libya to keep us distracted. Just like off Spain in the 1930s.

As predicted.

It is coming, get ready.