Sunday, 12 June 2011

It is 600 years since the Chinese got pushed to self destruction….

Image source.

…by Mid-East derived devilry, just like USofA corp today.

Not to put too fine a point on it they got overstretched, caused turmoil in SE Asia and the manufactured belief system called Islam did a Roundup on their culture.

I mentioned a while back that if the ChiComm state is serious about making a play then they will use the conceits of admiralty or sovereignty of the seas to cause trouble.

Finally in a trail of not so unrelated weirdness what if the Shark dunes on Bimini are covered Imperial Chinese Naval Junks, now what would that do to Fleet?

Well wadya know? ChiComms snorkeling around the Horn of Africa! Whilst the crème de la crème of UKplc place themselves at the mercy of a Venetian Star Camber on X-Farter.

Also fits in with this vibe from 2009 as well.

Oh yes.

600 years from now, after the designed degeneration and deliberate destruction of this high culture, the new Europeans will search the Moon for the legendary lander.