Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Dove and Saudi Africa

This was on the SNOOZE today and of course the DIcke Keystone Coppery continues with added counterconspiracy theory. You know a government licensed MSM conspiracy theorist insisting that there are no conspiracy theories just idiots with to much Ribena in their system.

Well David me old mukka shuv this up your exhaust because we don’t believe a word you and your highly paid muppetschmurphcolleague propagandist MSM whores utter.

I don’t need anyone to tell me there is a stinking great criminal conspiracy at work, based here in UKplc. The evidence is there to see, all you need to do is get through the protective layers of paid conspiracistpropagandists like you David to get a peek at something very nasty.

This is a little wander through the unlit zone. The unthinkable space that we aren’t supposed to consider, never mind wander into.

I’ll assume you know about the missing Somali nukes, the bioweapons programmes in Rhodesia and Dr Kelly getting iced.

I’ll ask you to put on my banksters goggles and see the OPEC cartel as being nothing more than a tribute levying mechanism from the developed world, enforced by NOAHide courts in RCE/TA, fronted by the ROCK/ROTH bandit chiefs in Riyadh.

Well go on then duh!!! Who’s wandering around in blacked out limousines and whose lying in the streets? Who, when they get a bit upset, gets stacks of cash thrown at them and who gets even more service cuts passed through the bowels of the “Mother of Parliaments”? Go on then?

As a little back ground I’ll tell you that I’ve always been fascinated by the West’s concept of sanctions, exclusion zones and travel restrictions. I’ve come to the conclusion that wherever these are applied there are prime crime scenes in operation from which we are to be shooed like cattle. Nothing to see. Another thing that has always piqued my curiosity is just why South Africa folded. I know it is supposed to be because the Soviet Union got freedomlike but since I’ve read around enough to know that that is bollox, ergo I smell a cover story rat in Suid-Afrika.

Another thing that has always troubled me is how much cash & kind was shelled over for a bunch of make work jets and tarmac, to BAe from the mid 1980s onwards, by the geezers in the sandbox..

So with that in mind have a bit of background reading and lets see if you see what I see.


That is an interesting fact with which to check throw weight needed.

See those travel restrictions and sanctions keep us away from the crime scene.

But what were we not to see is that, apparently Thatcher, Cameron, Blair et al got to see, and apparently got the Tories 17.8 million quid in spending cash for the 1992 election?

That is another clue.

We are supposed to believe that it was all about tens of millions of quid. Well the geezers that want their hands on nukes will pay cash up front in the billions. Tens of millions is what they lose on the tables of Monte Carlo on a good night or for the delivery of a securely doped up sacrificial virgin.

Let’s talk real money.

What do we know about nuke smuggling? Now that is expensive. Expensive in so many ways. “Dr. A. Q. Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering at Karachi University”

What I will note here is The Netherlands and a state under travel restrictions and sanctions North Korea.

So just to make sure you know what I’m seeing. This guy is supposed to have “taken nuclear secrets” to one of only three places in the world that had set of a big stick by 1945? By implication to “show” them how to do it.

What? The only place going backwards in this world is UKplc.

Anyway lets have a look at the next question.

Who’s got loads ‘a’ money, ChiComm ballistic missiles and a problem? Did you read that bit about using them on Iran? “"Saudis Warn Iran They May Use Chinese Missiles," The New York Times, 28 Apr 88, p. 1.” So in a region under NOAHide law courts we’ve got what? Nine launchers. With what on top? If you cast your mind back to the last big one UKplc took, though we did lose a bit of our stiff upper, shed loads of missiles with semtex on top. So what could possibly deter the Iranians then? This is tribal, the guys in Riyadh cannot stand the guys in Tehran. And the guys in Riyadh are buddies with the guys in RCE/TA.

A bit of arithmetic.


So from the very top we’ve got 390kg of HEU. So either 7,8 or 9 warheads gives us a range of masses from 43-55kg for each bangy bit. The shell for a W9 had a mass of 365 kg. So that gives us 300kg for “other stuff”. Loverly.

What is the throw weight of CSS-2/DF-3? Well that would be over 2000kg. That is a significant engineering margin of error for a warhead weighing less than the W9 shell.

Can you see where this is going?

Now for the tricky bit.

Israel is knee deep in this, we knew that 25 years ago. BAe is bent, we knew that decades ago. The Saudi’s went rogue, we didn’t get to hear about that on the GGT, did we? USofA corp is out of this until the 1979 September surprise, that is hard to believe. The signature of the SA 1979 big stick matches the NK nuke test 30 years later though. ChiComms are knee deep in this. So are the Pakistanis.

However someone is missing that might explain the USofA being kept in the dark or ineffectual.

Why would someone go to all the trouble of going to the other side of the world to develop/buy the things? Now I know that the legend is SA needed the things to knock out Commie attack via all sorts of places.

The emerging strategy was designed to bring Western governments to South Africa's aid in the event of an overwhelming attack by Soviet-inspired military forces then in southern Africa. At a moment of crisis, the government would have declared or "demonstrated" the weapons. An official who described this "strategy of uncertainty" said the government would have revealed its nuclear arsenal only if "the country found itself with its back to the wall.

However lets keep the goggles on.

I know that this is pure speculation but it hangs together better than anything David would try and convince us off. I.e. the MSM cover story which is a full DIcke Keystone Coppery production minus the dancing girls.

One of the first clues is that the sponsors didn’t want the blacks to get their hands on the tech. Now you are supposed to think filthy Afrikaaners. Well my frail construction will bring to your attention something I came across about the first Gulf War. A black USN officer got a rocketing when he objected to liberating the Kuwaitis because they were, 1990-91, slavers of black people and still are slavers and child abusers. Oh yes got it now who the money bags is here?

However the tech. bit still needs one more character. Hidden and never mentioned.

West Germany and France also aided Brazil’s nuclear program. In 1975, Brazilian leaders decided to hasten their research and development program.

Who was that again?


We were supposed to sleep easy at night weren’t we?

Now I don’t know about you but imagine you, yes you, developed something unbelievable and someone shut you up, told the world they did it, and left you to stew. Do you think that, no matter how many non proliferation treaties, secret protocols and rewriting of history DavidAaronovichcounterconspiracypropagandists were paid off, do you think you’d forget?

Nah. That little paragraph about laser separationof isotopes that the SA guys were going to work on kind of settles it for me. All done by the square heads previously. Remember there were 3 sets of troopers that lit big sticks by 1945. Yep. The slant eyes, the square heads and the Coca Cola swillers.

So lets rewrite history my way and in a way that makes more sense than the bed time stories we are fed from the MSM and answers some of the weirdness that we see here today.

The OPEC head honchos in Riyadh wanted to put something tastier on their missiles. Two linked programmes using all their cash. One run through Pakistan out through ChiCommland into NK. The other using the SA isolation and an existing programme to pick up the tech when SA got its plug pulled eventually. Riyadh knows because the square heads and the muslim brotherhood are real tight. Always have been.

Iran is the target just in case they break through Iraq, Kuwait and into the Saudi oilfields.

Kelly who’s snooping around checking details of the Rhodesian biowarfare programmes imported to SA, and then wound down, gets involved in the lifting of SA nukes headed for Saudi. Parked on a dock in Oman, my backside. 3 nukes on 9 launchers just about does for 24/7 coverage if Iranian tank troops turn up near the Kuwait border at full throttle. That is deterence. That also keeps USofA corp out of the loop.

Fremde Heere Ost and Reinhard Gehlen. That’s the CIA Europe desk. Knee deep in Commie/Nazi triple agents. Ever wonder why the CIA doesn’t know anything. BND and OKC, go look.

Just saying.

Now in 2011.

Anyway lets wrap up my rewrite by noting that there is now an axis from Beijing to Riyadh covered by mutual interests. Pakistan, who got the money to reserch the nukes with NK and ChiComm help, is now covered by the ChiComms. Saudi Arabia is now covered by Pakistan nukes and troops. Though I believe that may have worked the other way in the past, and I’ve always thought the Saudi’s had nukes of their own as described above. Iran/Pakistan train muslim terrorists for the ChiComms to make use of in their strategy to take over SE Asia. Saudi Arabia and Russia are now tight, and it isn’t just Tarpley saying that this year. The SCO is not just a yakking shop.

Now I know that you are thinking “There are a few loose ends in there INCOMING!!!!!!!”

No. I said a while back that RCE/TA and Iran would be good buddies soon.

There is a modus vivendi coming up and the USofA corp will be out of it trying to feed itself.

Remember the whole Middle East seeks to levy tribute so it doesn’t have to work. Just like BAe and all the other arms dealers.

They let off one of the SA nukes in NK to test after refurb/remanufacture? Especially if there are replacements coming in from ChiComm land now. And of course to cause trouble and keep us all worried.

That’s my rewrite and it reads better than any crap fed to us from the GGT.

Oh and did I mention the square heads?

Somalia, just in time to cover the retrieval, or not, of the missing, or not, nukes.