Friday, 10 June 2011

I was strolling back….

…home looking at the building site nearby and musing about what a dump the Smoke is when it comes to the bare necessities. Wondering if the site is more high packing density, shit built flats. Just like every site here in Barnet. The only people that can afford one of the NOAHide dwellings are the coke snorting”talent” at the GGT or one of their dealers, rentboys or steamdriven hookers.

Rents are exploding here because no one can afford to buy. 1000 quid a month to live in a shooting gallery!! WTF!

The schools are packed to bursting because the councils "didn’t know" there were a shit load of new breeders in town. Go figure.

Well we know what the fools in charge were actually doing under the cover of rapid recyprocating manual endogenous growth theorising. We know what they were really up to when they flooded the country with a new constituency of rent seeking yes men.

Don’t you green/blue slime bastards think you are getting away scot free .

Yes Boris, once a rent seeking import, always a rent seeking import, pashaboy. Nothing to do with safety are they. Just a means of tax farming, i.e. another scheme for stealing money from the proles, I think I get your point sir.


The Smoke, a prototype for UKplc, you’ll be getting fined for breathing in the wrong space soon. Remind you of anywhere?

Rationing and NOAHide zentral.