Wednesday, 29 June 2011

High Frequency Sexuality.

Image source.

I dropped by my neighbours, as I do from time to time and this item piqued.

Definition of free money= Killing alive people and stealing their life.

Then moving free money to the future. To be spent by your intitiate PhukkD’Witzz.

Go on, try it.

If there is no more free money to be had then, I’m afraid that all the necrophiliac, tactically, hermetically, hermitacally, day2daygay, operationally, infrequently, reconstructed, incoming, outgoing, sub, top, strategically, topically, asphixiated, casually, serrendipitously, ad hoc, ad cock, deballed, occult, deflapped, reconstructed members of the derigged, bukkake, dejigged, rebuilt, rejigged, debuilt, mulched, drug enhanced, drug dependant, derugged, defrocked, ladyboyed, cockergrilledgirlled or you don’t care, dead meat phukkers and destruction of fool’s orifices exchange of fluids, fools will have to regard the semen stain as a bankers debt payable by death.

That is what a credit default swap is after all.

A stain.

Now I know that a new Ponzi scheme will be hatched in your sterile space, so I cannot wait to see you fuck a polar bear.

However we are going to shoot you, the polar bear and the panda taking photographs of your entropic onion. Not because we hate your four legged beasts’ union, but because we’ve got to get warmth, light, food, shelter and protection for the people who will do something useful with their lives.

We do not have time to fuck around.

You shellfish Phukk D’Witzz.

You are part of a machine.

Even if you seam weld, mash, tig, friction, mig, arc, gas, free phaser, explosion, implosion, butt, 3-phase, underwater, out of water, inspace or suborbital.

You are not free.

No one, except your sponsors is going to supply the medication for your affliction.

Your pimps have no MONEE, MONKEE.

You are going to destroy.

Aren’t you?