Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Architects of Destruction

Or mind bending self realisation.

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I didn’t know what to do today, whether to finish off something, aware as I am that the other shop has several stewing, or start or even just plagiarise, i.e. put up some other folks' stuff for you to read. Anyway AdamS spurred things along as you will see.

So I’ll try and do all three.

Firstly lets deal with those who are so soft in the head, for they cannot recognise a group psyop when one heaves into view. For these people are dangerous, toxic and will end up with their earthly remains dissolved in lime taking us with them. The only sign that they ever existed a solitary brass shell casing deep in their death pit.

They are so busy screaming “Look at me!!!!! I’m a cyber hero look what I found.”


As well as keeping the lists up to date I hope you have compilations of the cyber muppets out here who are either thick as two short ends or agents of the heathen.

So with that in mind here’s three bloggers. I’m not recommending them, nor saying I agree with all they have to say. However they are a small part of my wanderings out here on the ausphart. I enjoy them, I hope you do to. The important thing is that they do not have that certain STENCH.

Bogie who kind of got excited about Christmas recently. Entirely understandable IMHO.

Matsutarō Fáfá. I particularly liked his posting about Zeng Jinyan swiftly followed by booting Ken Clarke in the nuts. High art, serendipity and melancholy.

NIKI RAAPANA, smart cookie.

So that is the plagiarisation bit done.

Now onto the finishing something not yet started.

Regular readers here and from the other shop will know that I’ve been rather concerned that dark forces might be trying to quite literally rub Indo-European civilisation from the map.

Those who have a manufactured history, RCE/TA, will in a fit of jealousy rub out real history and so fulfill a higher agenda without knowing.

Last evening one of my telly heroes wound up his latest programming. Deliberate choice of words there. He gave us a look at this gaff and its history. Now the good academic has been responsible for some of my favourite grooming over the past decade or so. My particular favourite being Around the World in 80 Treasures.

However when he really got my attention was the occasion he got sent round the general area of coming destruction, and specifically Iraq, about a decade ago. Now that made me sit up. I thought “Someone has sent you, me favourite old architectural academic, to document what was there.” Whether reconaissance or witness or both I don’t know. However I watched every programme so was not surprised to hear about the looting nor to find him back in Iraq after the Shekinah in Babylon.

It all seemed to fit with some of the things that Andrew Collins had highlighted about the ancient pre-biblical sites in current day Turkey that were getting buried under the proposed Illysu dam project in the 1990s. Those with a nose will know that the current turmoil on the Turk/Syr border is a direct threat to my favourite old dump. Gobekli Tepe.

I suspected that someone was trying to clear away evidence for the benefit of jealous guardians of Old Testament fictions and fairy tales.

Today AdamS posted this. Modus operandi revealed again.

If one looks at that arc from Serbia to the Thar one can see that Kurdistan, Syria, Iran and the Indus are the only ones left due for massive real estate redevelopment and memory wipe by means of high explosives, genocide and Uranium.

No doubt about it.

Just to finish off this delirious outpouring, I’ve been snorting Coca Cola all after noon, all it did was make my mouth foam and eyes water.

I’m a bit disappointed.

What do I mean by STENCH? You’ve no doubt been thinking.

Well to get a good lung full of the racid reek of STENCH, I’d recommend you wander through this turgid mindpurge and its comments.

Man, that is a collection of the world's top mindsluicing Tom foolery with a very, very few exceptions. I think there is one name in that clown’s outfit that summarises the whole farce.

Dr Peter Beter. What a metronomic, Babylonian, oh yes Lebanon is just too close for comfort, hand job he was. Once you’ve got through the tens and tens of hours of his monotonous stentorian snooze inducing carping mind barph you come to three conclusions.

He is a good bellweather for the state of play between the senior and cadet branches of the Roth in the 1970s. The good doctor was a Roth agent crapping on the Rock I’ll wager, never ceasing. Roth was gaining the upper hand.

He was talking utter moon sluice. “On September 20, 1977, the Russians blasted an American Spy Satellite into a huge fireball in space as it passed over the Petrozvodsk Observatory in northern Russia. And barely a week later, on September 27, 1977, the secret American Moon Base in Copernicus Crater was silenced by Russia's neutron-beam attack from Earth orbit. America had just lost the Battle of the Harvest Moon. Immediately America was forced to stop short in her secret Beam-weapons race with Russia, for suddenly our Unseen Rulers were teetering on the edge of war itself - and Russia suddenly was calling the shots."

He was also giving signals, in the clear, to the opposition about real events. His discussions about, old 1940s weapons tech, ballistic missiles submerged in floating casings won’t surprise those who have seen this decades later.

So what we’ve got is a psyops. Rockefeller, Bankrupt USofA corp, Fort Knox, Gold, Missiles, WMD, bioweapons, food crises, political skullduggery, corrupt politicians, pending doom, obliteration. Sound familiar? Yep, look at that top 10 again, plagiarism.

Mind you I’m not saying there isn’t something to it all just that 99% of it is unintelligible.

Right then on with the things I need to finish for the other shop, mind you I am behind schedule.

BTW toldyahso! “Also note that when the French get involved you know there will be a Rothschild double/triple agent nest at work to make sure there is no obvious winner. Think Vietnam Paris peace talks. Everyone will know they are a loser but the winner will not be apparent for many, many years.