Saturday, 19 March 2011

New Phoenicia further rollout.

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As I asked a few weeks ago. Where R the Big E and the Jimmy C?

Also note that when the French get involved you know there will be a Rothschild double/triple agent nest at work to make sure there is no obvious winner. Think Vietnam Paris peace talks. Everyone will know they are a loser but the winner will not be apparent for many, many years.

Is this the civil power grid going down? BTW CamClegCoagulation where did the money come from for this illegal attack? Are we all in this together as well? Fuck off!!!!

If any of this infrastructure is still up and functioning in two weeks there will be champagne all round in RCE/TA.

This all stinks of 1930s League of Nations sabotage.

Rationing and extreme restrictions on movement cannot be far away. They always close the factories and call centres before a big one.