Friday, 18 March 2011

Mobility Kill and Overstretch. Pt 1.

When the good old USofA corp. pulled out of Clark AFB, so soon after the stand down of the yacht club (A big shiney cat shot to anyone who gets who might have been responsible for all this damage), I looked at my map and knew that someone was being given a come on. Just as the Spanish had left the area after a good beating once their society had attrophied completely i.e. made poor, then I knew that the USofA corp was about to be made penniless or rather their credit was about to be destroyed and another’s inflated in phantom value.

You see just as there is no such thing as money there is absolutely no such thing as profit. Indeed profit as currently understood is a fevered insane measure of the inefficiency of any system’s unsanity and insanitary utility, judged by such methods. UKplc is about to find that out pronto as it bends over to take a recyprocating steam driven pepperdildo up it’s rectum again. Oh yes, last time when all the money got stolen and public sanitation got trashed, Europe got the Black Death. BWAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

How dumb can a nation be?

Well UKplc has to be in the lead, just ahead of USofA corp, in the collectivley thick as shit in the aggregate stakes. Who else could be so in debt and yet have absolutely nothing to show for it. Absolutely everything, the whole kit and caboodle, the complete enchilada is going to be handed over to charities, foundations and off shore patsy party pirate bases.

I was inside another school, newly built, at the weekend and was witness again to the wonders and richness of the built environment, of debt based thievery. As I gazed up at the bared ceiling, marvelled at the cattle shed qualities, of the best that UKplc can dish up to its peasants’ foalings and foulings. Without exception everywhere in the UKplc built environment, a bona fide discipline of study, we are treated like cattle. Just look. Hypermarkets where we do the work. Transport hubs where we are processed like livestock by the Kapos. Any so called mall where we are spied upon 24/7. Our places of indoctrination where we have to sign a contract to learn our ABCs, or not more likely. Every last edifice is just a chattel shed. I know, I’ve chased the beasts into and out of many cattle sheds.

However you try and get a peek into the places outwith the built environment, into their temples. You won’t get past their security infesting their stark lobbies and occulted receptions. Not because of their pretend terrorist threat, not because of some existentialist risk to their survivial. No. If we got a swaatch at the luxuriant drapings, finery, shinery and gilt fittings of their corporate environments, if we gazed upon Babylon’s roofing then we’d realise why they chase the profit motive in their sham markets. All they want is the contract and then use the smallest portion of it possible to deliver the so called services and goods to the rigged market place. If that means slavery by other means then so be it.

To believe otherwise is in to be in need of an increased violence and thrust frequency of the steaming member applied to oneself.

If there is one thing that is certain it is the absolutely irrefutable case that we are going back in time.

It takes a bit of effort and globalised larceny to achieve it but it is possible to take the most advanced nations from mastery to misery. USofA corp has gone from landing on the moon, to retiring the shuttles, to bankruptcy in 40 years. Look at UKplc. 50 years ago we could conceive of and execute the finest in aerospace engineering. In 2011 we can’t even sell tickets to the great occult ceremony in 2012 without distorting and rigging the fake market. What a load of bollox!

So after my daughter’s graduation and after dropping her off at her mate’s place for a party I headed for a nose bag and a swill and as I was trundling past the Co-op near the old Friern Barnet town hall, Saturn’s day, on the way to hammer together a high lethality curry at my mate’s place, I espied the uniformed security within. I wondered about what the overhead of a standing patrol over the tampons cost. I wondered about the security protected tagged food in Tesco. I wondered about what a sham the whole economic pony show is. The wonder of free markets is that they should deliver food, water, heat and shelter to the whole people in the most efficient way known. Yet they never, ever have, ever in the whole history of markets, free or otherwise.

These marked trinity markets are there for another reason entirely. Which we’ve discussed at the the other shop, they are eternal crime scenes and we are our own iCSI.

So on with my tales of shopping in London in 2011. Everywhere you go there is the overhead of security to pay for at the checkout. I think it is called free market cover for the coming NWO, NOAHide, AGENDA 21 crack down. Think Globalised Free Trade Peterloo Engels stylee. When you need security to protect food then you know that there is a deliberate systemic breakdown in the rationing scam. Think Irish Famine. These store security guys are ubiquitous so they must be part of the high earner flood into UKplc that we need to fill our skills gap. Nothing of course to do with sustaining an over priced property market with looted lucre. Oh yes I’m sure that our border patrol is rigourous when you, the prospective 10Million Pound POM, pitch up in RCE/LC airport with a squillion pounds you need laundering through the intellectual property capital of the capital markets. Just ask the Russian Khazi oligarchs. You can be sure that not one of the thick as pig shit, big men in pyjamas, that kick inflated bladders around an empty sponsored field ever wonder how many dead people financed their inflated paypackets as they spread STDs around their breeding mares.

And people wonder why the modern Japanese do not loot. Well I love going into the COOP in my neck of Yokohama where a good steak is worth it’s weight in Platinum. There is no security. Inhabited or tagged. It is called not being Afflicted.

So as I was rivetting the ingredients for our tonkatsu kurry together rapido, I had run out of time and everyone was starving, so the Krakatoa hot lava Java special was put on the back burner for another day, my chum and her son regaled me with a recount of their pleasant trip to one of North London’s top Nazi FLA flat packed emporia. I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t near Wembley.

They witnessed the glory of the full rich roast that is our diversity, inclusivity and quota compliant commercial wonderland. All the so called private enterprise corporates sucking at the public tit. Communists. Barriers free entry to the paradise on earth for those desperately needed to fill the myriad of high paid, high skill and rewarding positions offered by the free market here in UKplc.

They witnessed a customer getting the shit kicked out of him because he had enquired of a non glass ceilinged employee if a particular item was on sale.

This was skrypto, no mere assault. After other staff members had peeled their colleague, very ASDA (No it wasn’t, gotcha, think again), off the prostrate body of the guy with the credit card, after his wife had kneeled down beside him, after the instore security had stroked their non internventionist passive tickboxes, the colleague launched into another GBH frenzy by booting the geezers head in.

My chum and her son differ on this last part in that the lad thinks it was mainly bootmarks to the body that was involved.

Police statements were taken.

Now the guy that got assaulted might have never wondered if he’d need a blood transfusion that day. However if he did I’m sure that he wouldn’t have thought anything of the adverts bothering us from the radio urging us to donate blood. Indeed since your correspondent for various reasons has defected to Sunrise Radio on AM, I now know that there is a shortage of donor organs in the Muslim and Hindhu communities here in the Big Smoke.

Why would the clowns that spend all day working out how not to deliver anything to us whilst pocketing the maximum amount of lucre or even better dishing out fixed penalty fines for our being allowed to breath, using their latest off-the-boat-train labour force, why would they want us to give blood or organs?

More peoples’generosity and kind hearted cover for knighted corprate plunder and enobled phoney philanthropist charity theft, that is why.

You see in this chemical toilet of a corporate charity state surely their perfect market must be delivering for them. Well of course not. However only in the thickest nation on the planet could the serfs still handover the priceless to a bunch of gangster goons that intend delivering the populace into slavery. Only in a nation whose hospitals kill them systematically and then get handed over free of charge to corporations to continue the AGENDA 21 cull, only in that nation could there be such an attack of the mentalist weed killing crop sprayers encouraged by emancipation, suffrage and participation the foundation corprate sponsored electoral process.

Just like the starving peasants gazing on full fields in Ireland, just like the dead eyes of the Kulaks staring at the pot bellied Commies, just like the vampire attacked diseased UKplc clowns standing outside the gates of their long gone hospital. It is a free market in misery but a miser’s rigged market in reality.

I know, I know some of you reading here are looking back to other parts of this rant and thinking it is a bit unbalanced.

You are thinking that recently I’ve called all UKplc weans and by extension their sires, thick as mince. I’ve dissed anyone newly arrived on these shores and holding down a job. I’ve even suggested that the poor slobs that have fallen into the clutches of the NHS deserve to die.

Well you have not been paying heed. I think you will find that I’ve been trying to call attention to the fact that we keep on joining in their stupid reduced instruction set game. As I looked at the security guy guarding the carrots in the store I asked myself what he’d bought into when he had started out on his journey to live here. I wondered about his cell in the great big universal terrorist spreadsheet of all that is, was and yet to come. I wondered if his cell was red or black. Black and he could continue to exist until the next refresh. Red and he’d be shown the door. Onto the street in the ultimate paradigm of paradise on earth.

As Celente would ask,”Would he lose it?”

As I stared further and waited for the traffic light scheduling to arrange for more fixed penalties to be dished out automatically, like some sort of disinterested deus ex machina, I was reminded of a conversation I’d had the previous weekend whilst swilling with my mate the secretive squirrel.

Upon our nth cider we got into a right rant about the theft from the desperate, bleeding and bereaved at the local infirmary, soon to be liberated into charity space and out of common space by the Coagulation, where the RICO worthies we vote into power have taken a bung for fleecing the car parker there.

As I staggered my way home later I thought to myself, “Yes Gerald, that is one instance where the person losing everything would definitley lose it.”

Imagine losing your loved one and on returning to the parking bay to find yourself dished the insult of a parking ticket.

You may lose it like the poor slob in IKEA did and flip into kill mode. You might decide that after holding vigil on the Shiraz and cornflakes and being curtly dismissed, as the great big universal spreadsheet gives you the red card, that it was time to do something, just for once.

That is what is happening globally and TPTB cannot stop it. However they can influence the process to their advantage and as I’ve said previously, welcome it. How? Well I’ve touched on this before. Their main instrument is magik as practiced through their zentral banksters. What they know, and we are not to know, is that the alignments of celestial bodies affects human beings in their aggregate behaviour. Oh yes it does. We haven’t moved on that far from dancing round a naked fire, naked, at the equinox. So imagine. The alignments are good, you flood credit. When they are bad you remove credit. The herd is traumatised but not TPTB. Then onto the next cycle. This is what is termed human progress. However since human behaviour never changes it is actually an engineerred form of retardation aimed at the universal adoption of the reduced instruction set.

Otherwise known as NOAHide.

Again you think I jest. OK. Check your footwear and the footware of the decanted fools on the MSM. Is there a lack of animal hide there? Got it?

As I said I’ve been trying to call attention to the fact that we keep on joining in their stupid reduced instruction set game.

Fucking STOP IT!!!

Stop voting in their goons. Where I come from they used to say that if you pinned a red rosette on a monkey that simian would be in parliament pronto. STOP IT!!!

Don’t you get it yet? Every one of the phekkers that are proferred to us HATE US!! They despise us. Stop voting for the machines of the foundations.

Once you start voting using the Rigorous Voting Method, as detailed many times at these swilling holes before the last general election, then stop watching men in pyjamas on the GGT. Women near ovens. Geezers in auctions and bints in frocks. Stop it.

If you stop all that crap you might be able to do something about the shit coming down the pike. It is always rolling towards us because the guys in charge are on a sacred mission. You cannot dodge it yet. However you can stop yourself dying with a stupid look on your face.

So pay attention.

What is the mobility kill?