Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Stand Down

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Just as in the assassination of JFK when the usual proceedures were relaxed. Just as in the religiobankster attack on 9/11. Just like the calling to heal of the chase in 7/7. There is a stand down in process today.

This one though is general and western world wide.

The winter patriots and the minutemen can feel it.

Not unnaturally when the hearth is cold and the plates are empty and the children waiting, there are other important issues to be addressed.

What do I mean?

As you know by now your correspondent sees nothing newly alarming in the current, general fannying around, GGT amplified and overall theatrics in the area where Rommel and the desert rats took sling shots, back and forth at each other, 70 years ago. This is just a slight rearrangment of the scenery for the New Phoenician Lake stretching from Tyre to the Pillars of Hercules. A la 2nd millenium BC.

If you’ve read here before then that view should be familiar.

However what is becoming increasingly apparent is just how much cast lead is going to be reigning over Europe in the coming decades as the total eunuchification of the aboriginals there proceeds.

Well let us have a look at some things popping up very recently which I would profer as support for the very carefully scripted disengagement of the RCE/TA from it’s host populations of the past century or so. Ever so quietly, ever so slowly and as usual under total liar’s MSM and nonMSM cloaking.

Firstly our favourite RCE/NY, Davos snowy, wordy mangler, homegrown bitchboy continues to sow the seeds of his masters’ predictive propaganda. He’s a so called expert and we will hark unto him as he says “Now listen carefully, listen to my voice….” Unfortunately there are no Harry Palmers left with jagged metal objects to jam into their bloody palms. So the UKplc will fall for it.

We are eclipsed.

No we aren’t.

We’ve had all our wealth stolen via RICO systems and rigged markets. That is called sabotage and treason. Of course you and I know it isn’t really because the Crown and Rome have been angling for everything to be returned to a nice and even 17th century keel again. Sweet.

Now don’t be thinking I’m all bigotted and will only diss my homegrown unhandled bitchboys. Oh no. I’m fully diversity, equality and inclusivity compliant in this matter because this bitchboy
will be getting it soon over at the other shop because he’s talking out his foundation sponsored arsehole again. How else do you think the tartanned marten and the multikulti lad got their laurels, awards and names all over the NYT other than doing their masters’ bidding. Stay on song and you can swill and pork your way to fame and oblivion for Albion.

Which brings me to that Phoenician Lake. Whilst everyone is watching camel jockeys firing zwilling from pickup trucks in a choreographed display of phekkwittery worthy of an Andrew Lloyd Webber production, imagine if you will Phantom with live ammo and dead peasants everywhere, the long planned stealth play is on the move.

Phoenicia is unhappy with its new RICO birds.

If one looks closely at what has been happening with their current birds recently, you’ll know they’ve been flying out to Gibraltar and back simulating a strike on Persia, this smacks of, how can one put it delicately when one realises that there will be no Air Forces worthy of the name due to “austerity” budgets in the PIGS, air claim. Scent marking. Leibensraum.

When one also considers that the ChiComms have been flying their birds into Turkey that, to my eye, suggests that there is an unrestricted flight path from Portugal to Formosa for the guys with our stolen money and tech. operating out of RCE/TA and RCE/BS.

There is now a budget driven, austerity fueled, general stand down in play throughout the west. The companies that ran/run the RICO defence programmes and parked their profits overseas or in charities have done their work.

Now if you’ve read here before you’ll know what is coming.

I postulate that the bird the RCE/TA will be hanging their systems from soon, long before the RICO F35 crashes and burns, is the J20.

Why? Well I’ve had a look at all the analysis and the J20 looks like a modern F111(F15E). Not a modern MiG31 though similar in size. The ChiComms will use it to strike first out on the first island chain. That is why the F22 programme has been sabotaged. 750 F22s would put a stop to that. However 180 or so F22s cannot. RCE/TA will use J20 as a terror weapon to strike fear of a potential unannounced attack throughout their Lake. It will also add stealth plausable deniability to be used on the gullable.

The F35 will not suffice for that terror role on the Lake. Too slow and short legged.

Oh beautiful isle when the Beijing sponsored islamic terrorists, out of Moro, start blowing up 101 then you know your time has come.