Monday, 21 March 2011

Calvados and clear honey?

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I would like to thank you for allowing my unreasonable rant at your wonderful feast. To allow me back again and again after such a vitriolic diatribe says a great deal about your forbearance. Not to say down right saintly disposition.

Make that a very large glass of a true Briton’s spirit.

I’ll tell you …oh that’s warmed me cockles…another? Ta, mukkle. I‘ll tell you what has been annoying me today…No.. Not the robot bombing of weans and the infirm again. They’ve been doing that for over a century now to the innocent. It isn’t the turning of this nation into a stew of spys and harlots. It isn’t even that the natives are so stupid that they fell for it whilst simultaneously thinking themselves somehow….set apart. No it has been this. Now if you get round to watching the native full Monty version of it you’ll find a geezer togged up like an extra from A Clockwork Orange. You’ll also find that they get down and dirty. One of the gems from Fulford is that the MSM sewer pipes are MKUltra’d and scared of losing their comfy pensions.

Well he’s on the money there. Very, very recently this doughty vessel found herself cutting, all unknown, across the majestic progress of an agent. I wasn’t even at action stations, indeed from the pennants flying it was obvious I was at a regatta. But oh no, HMS Skrypto went all MKU on me.

As you no doubt can tell this boat plots her own course and there is nothing but the spectre of the secret charts and maps to guide our headway. We are vitteled and fueled for the long haul, self sufficient. No need for Heston to teach granny how to suck eggs and we aren’t a semihemidemi pirate ship and slaver, afraid to shell out for lemons, cheap limey bastards.

If you want to make your own way along side on the same heading we’ve set, for whatever duration, you are more than welcome, just don’t expect to be piped aboard or receive any official ceremony bollox.

So imagine finding out, as others of our ilk rendezvoused for a bit of a chin wag this Frigtag, that not long ago as I was shuvveling down the haggis and swilling the whiskey I had caused ruffling of feathers and hauling down of moonrakers simply by stating the obvious, and indeed obviously an understatment from this vessel’s loudhailer, that Soetoro an illegal alien POTUS. Indeed I was in such a jolly mood, what with it being a regatta and all, that I didn’t even start down the route of the Phoenician whore breeding bitch Cleopatra and the sullying of the noble Roman houses and final destruction of the Republic. You see it has all been done before, many, many times by the same crowned of Afflicted reduced instruction set thievers. Now if I’d used such intemperate language in my hemidemisemiinebriated condition then I would have understood the fair Colleen’s subsequent reaction. What with her being a pogrommed programmed de-glass ceilinged post-post Glass Steagall pop sister and all. However all I said was that Soetoro should not be POTUS. No sweary words. No rude gestures. Nothing.

As I said I was in my best revue bib and tucker. I’d had me bottom scraped, the decks washed and the cannons burnished until you could see your reflection on the gunmetal. I do scrub up well. The really interesting thing is that, as related last year, this regatta occurs every year in January and the other guests are international. Widely so. They didn’t demure at my remark. Why is it that only the aboriginal fools inhabiting the Babelspace in UKplc and USofA corp are dumb as fungus brained ants?

Anyway I have subsequently found out that the reason for the sudden state changing display of quantum INCOMING!!!!!!!disenchuffedness is put down to a certain individual character trait. It isn’t just this barge that HMS S is touchy with. It is par for the course. So it is just as well that I got on with further yakking and quaffing, with the other guests, along several lines of swill induced nincompoopery that evening. Great fun was had by, almost, all.

So when the Canadian lad from Nihon, as I said at the other shop “Why is always Canadians”, was giving it some left hand drive on the MKU front I kind of got to wondering about the need to be MKU if you want the lucre and power. For the one thing that can be said about HMS Skrypto is that there is no lacking for secure tenure or filthy pieces of 8 there. Has the initial selection process and continual career grooming taken an inevitable toll. Or do they select for the mentally fragile to start with. Is HMS S the modern equivalent of the eunuch. Something needs to be sacrificed to gain entry to and tenure in the comfy system? Life within the eternal crime scene.

If the current hourly output of the GGT is anything to go by then there is a correllary for us muppets putting up with this shit, we of the Herd.

There are some give aways in their use of language and key words on the GGT that always tell you when they are covering up for a crime. Here are some examples from recent so called news items.

Pot. Usually rolled out to hide the theft, larceny, stealing, looting of your pocket. Typically involving pensions. E.g. “Compenstion will be awarded from a pot of money”

Compound. Usually applied to smearing people. If used in UKplc then Sandringham would be a compound. E.g. “Day three at the Branch Davidian compound”

Punishment. Usually rolled out to hide theft, blah, blah de blah. “Energy companies will be punished by having their cases reviewed by another blah, blah de blah….”

Got it?

Their closed world assumption is that we are thick as mince. Ergo they can take the piss and laugh up their sleeves at us during/after the show and as they slope back towards the week day shagging pad or the weekend listed breeding pen in the Cotswolds. The Herd just gaze with that dead bovine stare and low gently.

So if you spend every day of your so called professional career talking utter arse bark then I would politely suggest that your reality gyros and moral compass are phukked! Only on the GGT, MSM and SRI’d Tavistokian cauldron of poison can a straight face talk about strikes on civilians as justified and in the same breath give us the football scores. You are living the commiefascistoid dream alrighty. It cannot be long until you actually start promoting gulagging and concentrating of the noncompliant. Well that goes without saying since you've been schooled in Malthus at the best madrassas.

Can you imagine any of the concrete blondes, astro afros or turds in tux quipping after uttering the immoral and immortal words “Violations of universal rights” (When foundation chimera like that thing turn up telling you they are going to defend your rights you know the reaper is just around the corner.) “Bwahahahaha yeah and everything Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Pot and Mao did was entirely legal, upholding rights. Innit?” Mind you since Soetoro’s admistration and it’s travelling circus is full of Maoist disciples and Alinskyist fuckturd law makin’, law givin’, lawyer lyin’, ever takin’, tazer fizzin’, legalisin’, death dealin’ STASI. USofA corp should be getting ready to chase sparrows and starve.

Everywhere you look bitchboybitches with no gonads talking shit. Casting spells over the lifeforms in the Herd Attention Space. They could not care if Turkey is going to be used as a ChiComm agent fronting for RCE/TA. The new Caliphate can have the Med because the guys calling the shots in RCE/TA are not freedom lovers, they are reduced instruction set NaZoviets. Go one then. Where is all the money coming from for these swine killing operations in the world? It is all done on credit and when Rothschild calls in his old lines of credit he'll extend the new credit lines to the young guns who will do his bidding.

Have you got your head round what the demographic bulge of young people in the Arab world really means to you? Europe is dog meat when the USN retreats back to the Carribean.

Got any gold or silver to barter for food? Want a new 3D liar’s box? OK UKplc what can you trade for goods then? Real estate of course and that’s why the borders will remain porous in the PariahParaquat isles to international theives, cloaked in ermine, and their extended tribe. Bringing slavery to a Big Society neighbourhood near you.

Another glass?.. Go on then.

No more casting pearls before swine.

H/T Spooked.