Tuesday, 29 March 2011

2 tsp coriander seeds, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tsp szechuan pepper corns, 1 tsp tumeric…

….ground and grind.

Proportions of lime, ginger, galangal, garlic, paprika and 10million candle power chillies I leave up to the individual beneficent.

Found myself welding together another curry round my mate's shop Sat. so not having seen her for a couple of weeks she kindly took upon herself the role of tortured martyr and listened to another round of right unhinged ranting.

Well I was invited, though I did drop strong hints, either way invite the nosferatu in and you get bitten. We started off on the so called working environment. She was supposed to have gone into zentral RCE/GGT for a bit of a protest Saturday but instead found herself dealing with criminaldamageauto. So no getting kettled for her. I remarked that it didn’t seem to be any use anyway since on the occassion of there being a really massive protest in 2003 the religioKriminalrats ignored us completely and slaughtered and toxified millions of Iraqis. Just as they’d planned all along. Sandbox shufflers already weakend by years and years of controlled no-fly zones and random missile impacts. It was all in the purest sense a load of bollox. BTW did you catch Wesley Clark talking about the Pentagon memo he’d seen in early 2001, with Iran the last on the list, of seven middle-east states to get trashed?

I decided to do my best Jack Welsh imitation. If you remember the crap that Zuboff, Handy, Porter et al and all the other spreadsheeet muppets came out with, that ensured the destruction of the west’s commercial intercourse. All the Savage, Johnson & Scholls, Hussein and Hussein from the business school curricula and required reading lists. All the shit from the NOAHide business warschools of utter specious species of worthless MBA verbiage. Then you will know that we are supposed to believe that the CEOs and assorted shipwreckers were told by the academics that their workforces were composed of massively creative individuals of boundless energy and unlimited vision and imagination outwith the work environment. Only when these paragons of humanity entered within the workhouse did they transmogrophy into convert, covert, all of a sudden zombies and automata.

We are supposed to believe that the assembled bigwiggage had a collective Damscene moment and did verily decree that from that moment fun and laughter and the unbinding of the creative spirit was hence forth to be promulagated throughout their industries, arts and sciences.

Yeah. Here’s a litle vignette of what I really think happened. Jack and the lads kept schtumm. They kept it PDQ. They buttoned their lips until the very next Bilderburger meeting and then the following most likely occurred.

GE Bod “Have you heard what those fucks in the foundation shitholes have unleashed?”

HSBC Bodette “Yeah, the clowns. Who do they think they are?”

Lockheed Lad “ They’ve gone native. Typical quackafemics. Too much dope and screwing.”

GE Bod “Well I’ve got a plan to 6 Sigma the lot up the ass. I’m not having any of my people, using my money, to feed their songbirds, research family lineages and amateur dramatics and then allowing them time to think dangerous thoughts using company money!”

Maoist Theologofisttrice “ No way are we going to let them wonder about why there are dead people everywhere. The creation of the number of dead directly proportional to the creation of fractional reserve currency”

Top Bilderberger. “Right time to make them idle and dead, or slaves. Get to it.”

GE Bod “Not 3 in a million will survive, I’ll 6 Sigma the lot”

Just as an aside here, I’ve briefly touched on this before, but have you noticed that no one in Iraq has manifested any symptom that C4 bum investigators, C5 crystal farters and GGT1 dietrycarbonconditioners could get their claws into to earn a buck and a half doing sod all? No one has camel’s milk intolerance, or unidentifiable rashes from fabric conditioner or alien abduction fabrications. They are too phucking dead to carp about that crap. Just saying. They also don’t seem overly burdened by the need to chop off their cock and balls or build new ones from their flaps. Just saying. It should be obvious by now that when the first LGTSBS BS transdimenstrual unisex monstered lesbian aquarian intolerant, butt welding derigiste, nonspecific targetted diversified, exclusive and marginalised analised Legion of the Damned wipe out millions of un-denormaliased-renormalised and caramelised souls using the latest robots of death tech., there will still be a claim that it was all in an as yet undetermined way institutionally biased towards some as yet unidentified, dedentured, untenured, insecure silicon based group of out of body experienced, boric acid blood grouped, necromincers. Though I think that is being a bit too specifically unspecifically inaccurately verified. Perhaps.

Either way you’ll get phukked over by the Dalekalectic.

Now that I got that off my chest on with the tale of my hammering together another curry whilst torturing my long suffering soul sister. She noticed a little while back that I’d gone quite quiet on the conspratorial bollox front roughly about the time of my first putting fingertip to keyboard all of two years ago out here on the rausphart. Once she’d noticed that she was doomed. For yours truly took it as an invite to bore her to death with the latest going on out here on the rausphart.

One of the things that always interests me about the coverage of the GGT when it comes to riots in London, a fine tradition, like pantos, staged every year in the capital for centuries, is that from the obligatory overhead camera shot of property, Santander (religioKriminalrat ratrun money launderer to the Nazis) in this case, getting its windows booted in. When you look closely a the melee what seems like 100 stormin’ looters and nutjobs is most likely 85 photo-opsters and 15 agent provocateurs actually putting into play what they’ve been rehearsing for months at a well secret base somewhere top secret that no one knows about, hush-hush and totally Area51’d like…..this.

You see, pun intended, the more I think about it ALL, the more obvious it becomes that the whole thing is a production. If you take a look at the number of war correspondents, camera men and assorted memory formers that accompany all this stuff the more unreal it reveals itself to be. All the world is a stage.

Take this and his special patented guncameras or any of the assorted GGT output from RCE/Zentral during the 19??-19?? war. I’m not surprised there was a man power shortage during the war years. They were all recording or staging stuff for the soon to be written false history of what occurred and why. Last week’s photo I posted of the two Libyan(Al Quaeda/Royalist/Racist/Elitist) blokes firing rockets surrounded by geezers with Nikons and the footage of blokes’ footage going through plate glass windows on Saturday surrounded by flashing paparazzi just tell me that the whole damned dump has gone Hector's House and Lady Gaga. Every minute of our lives is to be Watch With Mother or Adulultation.

Anyway she soon concurred that actually doing something is part of their ritual and ceremony, so don’t bother. Really do something yourself with those you care about that will affect real personal history and real personal events both here and, most importantly, in the future.

Now unlike the rest of polite society my long suffering friend can actually understand what is going on when I open up, she is immune to the blast damage and witness to too many 2iC moments. You lot who still come here though can take the hit. So you’ll understand why I didn’t give it the full Montague when discussing Fukushima and tickled quakes, by explaining the sacramantal nature of patents. Patents are licenses to kill. I did however explain that one of the claimed applications of pumping gigwatts of power into the ionosphere is quake generation. Now that is just closed system claims.

So I broached the idea that Japan was getting it in the neck for not going down quietly after the magic money lads torpedoed the society twenty years ago. Hence the carnage recently. I had already done a bit of digging to see just who the Clockwork Orange lad was that turned up in Fulford’s video last weekend when he was giving it large on the Ninja front.. So I mentioned that there had been a discussion a little while back that Japan had been threatened by just such an ground shaking outcome if it didn’t hand over it’s loot, Fulford’s second claim to fame. Indeed I remember being in sunny Kanagawa, 2005, right in the middle of the national debate about whether the Japanese postal savings were to be handed over and quietly hoping that the natives would see sense and keep their hard earned loot out of the gangsterbankster and religioKriminalrats’ hands. Their PM at the time was cheerleading the theft from his people!!!

For those of you reading here in blighted Blighty all I’d say to remind you of what is going on is Trustee Savings Bank.

So having touched on the idea that nothing out there is what it seems because there is a major out break of Keystone Coppery I fired up the stove and set about filling the house with the smell of frying dried spices and herbs.

As she emptied our first bottle of wine, yep that is one of the side effects of letting me into your house, you hit the bottle, I ran the concept of Keystone Coppery past her. DIcke very clearly explains the process when exploring the McCann case. Essentially one of the key indicators of some sort of operation having taken place is the total bollockification of the crime scene, CSI and finally trial by the plod and legal eagles.

Keystone Coppery is all over Fukushima. Well she got the idea but didn’t really go with the flow. I cracked open a Magners. I let it rest and dropped the subject, we ended up giving it a bit of a cud chewing session on the total swindle, outlined here, of the 30 minute kid’s latest piss take on the poor masses of UKplc. How can a country that has no aspirations other than harlotry, larceny and espionage possibly be serious about educating its spawn? She concurred, it is a nation of spies and inn keepers of ill repute, a vessel of the evil ignorant.

Which brings me nicely to the Easyjet council and the following day. The following day round my chum’s place with the huge cider cellar. One of the things I hadn’t run past my hostess of the previous evening was that the libraries here are to be merged and decanted into the Soviet inspired edifice at Tally Ho corner, now that the subsidy to keep the place afloat has gone west. Of course the tasty pieces of real estate, formerly occupied by book shelves of learning, released onto the market will have nothing to do with the move either. Tasty real estate where high packing density hovels will be erected and flogged off at a fortune. Flogged off to people who cannot afford to buy the dumps and so will get a government/tax payer sponsored shared equity scheme/scam to pay for something they will never, ever own. All in line with the NOAHide AGENDA 21 edicts from the UN.


This ship of fools just do not get it. Why do you continue to work in a system that cannot let you acquire property of any sort any longer? That is all that the least worst system of human organisation actually had going for it.

Well that took a few Magners to sort out. Then late in the evening I got a call from my Bulgarian mate.

So Monday evening heaved into view and he haled alongside for a short while to get some documents plastered with INCOMING!!!!!!!’s X. Now as you know this had been fomenting since curry time 2 days previously.

So even though we didn’t have much time I thought I’d wind him up and see what happened. See what a fully fledged nuke power engineer had to say.

I simply said “What kind of fools were present at the meeting 40 or 50 years ago when they decided to park the plants on the shore over fault lines?”

Well off he went. I’m meeting up with him on Thursday for some beer and to catch up on some boxing matches.

On your behalf, oh dedicated and sorely tried readership at this shop, I will explore further the following.

Why he has banned his wife from taking their children on their usual summer break to Japan even though they would visit friends and family way to the south of MC1.

What possessed the Japanese engineers to not do what they would have done in Bulgaria, “Even in Bulgaria” direct quote. Even in Bulgaria he said the plants would have been parked 10km from the nearest beach and 20km of coolant channels dug, at vast expense in ‘crete and rebar, into and out of the reactor site. From the river and down to the sea.

I told you the Keystone Coppery and down right fuckwittery was plain to see and I reckon it goes way back.

Henry VIII is the guy who started our own episode of fukkwittery I’d say.

It all has the stink of NOAHide around him and his court.

Smells like teenspirit, smells like Cleopatra.

Masons. Illuminati. Rosie Red Cross. Rock/Roth. Cross of Malta. Vatican. Babylon. Templars.

All the young bitchboys and green boybitches kowtowing to the ancient religioKriminalrats.