Thursday, 10 March 2011

Coffee and dessert?

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Oh the joys of living in the EasyJet borough. Not only do they hand a shed load of our cash over to their dodgy off shore mates to lose in Iceland banks, they thieve from their own poll tax payers. Oh yes I can just see the scam being quietly systematised at a quiet off business meeting somewhere on Totteridge Lane. I'll wager they know that statistically 25% of the “accidental” 11th month standing order transfers on a 10 month poll tax payment cycle will not be questioned either because the elderly and infirm are otherwise preoccupied or too dead. However the rest of us will get a quick apology and a sorry it was a systems error if we notice and we’ll, statistically, just roll over and get on with life on the pirate ship.

Talking of the EasyJet borough I hope you all got a good look at the dumb clowns infesting the 30 minute hero’s latest NuAkademie last evening. From my hovel I can walk over there and have a look at the pile, on the road where the average school wean gets dropped off in a Maybach. Oh yes no wonder I couldn’t find any info on the location when checking outhere on the ausphart. The irony of it all, the dumbest empty vessels, I didn’t say thick, are dragged to a 2 month experiment (after auditioning?) where the “cream” of the crop are given lavished attention that all the rest of the peasant school children are denied.

Which is the way UKplc works. Ignorance is a desired outcome of education.

Anyway just how much did it cost to “hire” the location? I’ll bet the money would have refurbed The Ravenscroft handsomely. This in a borough that has flooded itself with child bearing couples and yet failed to build enough new school places for the new serflets. No wonder the census documents which have been dropped thorugh our letter boxes are just so much reprocessed bog roll!

I mean get serious. Can you imagine an education system in UKplc that actually did what it said on the can?

First question from a group of 5 years olds to teacher. “Explain our current philosophy of money please?” Well that would be it wouldn’t it? Helicopters, gunfire and sniper all round.

One thing that the chaps being rolled through Jamie’s NuAkademie on The Ridgeway last summer will be good at are staffing and running the UK knocking shop and Mata Hari boudoir.

It is the only explanation for the current obsession with training UKplc serfs to serve food. It all started with the Amstrad man, getting some predictive programming in, and rolls through Master Chef and the very recent attempt by a dodgy garlic swilling kitchen dweller to drag some of the finest product of UKplc’s serf indoctrination system through a waitering school.

Apprenticeships? Check out Jamie’s tutors for the desired outcomes.

Another lovely thing about the EasyJet borough is that I can grab a bus, from the RICO cheating TfL, and in 10 minutes go look at the guys sitting on Ghaddaffi’s son’s roof.

Sweet. As I said ignorance is the desired outcome for UKplc serflets. Where else could you find the multi million pound hovel of a war criminal, a make believe educational establishment in an already filthy rich school’s premises (it was the exercise bikes that gave it away), theft of the public finances, and the streets awash with the young ignorant. Products of a make believe educational system. “Education, education, education” a rallying cry to the locusts. That’s not to mention the unsolved murders.

Where else but Barnet.

Who lives here? Well a clue is that the tube line goes straight to Bank.

So to the interesting question of the day?

Why are the banksters getting exposed?

Yes they are. The non MSM is full of stories about the religiokrimalrats.


Something must be getting readied to take over the Command and Control role. Which of course brings us to the latest bit of foundation mind swill from Francis Fukuyama.

Oh yes sunshine there are trends alrighty but you and I know the real trends you are not allowed to talk about. Just give hints.

Perhaps you’d like to join up to Jamie’s next semestre when the private schools have sent all their pupils back home to South Korea, Japan, Uganda, Mexico, Uraguay, Thailand and all points Nth,Sth,Est,Wst, but certainly very, very few will be staying here in UKplc, next summer. Then I’ll wander up Bittacy Hill and offer my services, Francis.

You know what the first question I will want to field is china. Don’t you?

Cognac and cigar?

I’d love to.