Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Back for the second course.

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Any of you who witnessed the utter mind blubbery of the vacuous, fattened, feigning and fawning, bellowing empty vessels that got heaved into our view on last Wednesday evening will know but the merest glimpse of the despair felt by others, others who view the same breed of shadowy, vaguely inhabited carbon based life forms that fart in the White House.

As the world adjusts to the rise of China, a growing number of political commentators have proposed that to avoid an arms race with Beijing and to secure its cooperation on various challenges, the US should “cede” Taiwan by revising its long--standing security commitment

To which I will add my flip side.

As the RCE fifth column, who have hijacked the west and transformed it into a collection of barely functioning amoebic fauna, rat out anyone who seeks freedom, again. Then you are as the commentator says. Alone. Expect no help, aid or sympathy from the west. It has been taken out by the slavers disguised as refugees and the skulking, malintentioned, faux politically oppressed. Shape shifting traitors who can never answer the question.

What is your real handle?

Like pikeys and gypsies, everything skrypto crypto.

Why the gloomy prognosis?

Well as the 30minute w√ľnderkind informed us of the slobs infesting, not feasting, his new vehicle they are representative of 50% of the product of our education system. So to put it bluntly and to get rid of the green dressing. The salad years of these young people have been deliberatly consigned to ignorance by a machine designed to produce diversity, equality and inclusivity compliant ingnoramuses. Numbskulls who are engineered to infect the next generation with even more stultifying bamboozeltronic static from the likes of Zbig the foundation Fuck D’Witz.

You see, oh lovely hard working inhabitants of the beautiful isle, the people who will be inhabiting the part of the world over here on the other side of the EurAsian landmass, in the shit isles, are too obsessed with the nature of their own important emptiness to even consider that there might be something actually of worth outwith their id’s vacant shell. Their barren lot, sterling silver sterile jaffas, a world inhabited by big men in pyjamas chasing an inflated bladder.

Am I twitter and bisted?

In some ways yes. I think if you’d posed the following question to a bunch of geezers sweating in a forge or a load of fish wives on the quay in 1911,

“Ladies and gentlemen would you credit it that the vast majority of your progeny will be illiterate, asexual, self budding, obese and ignorant. In one hundred years time?”.

The boys would have dropped you and the girls would have gutted you. They knew that all they had to do was to keep their heads down and work hard and bit by bit they would inherit the earth.

However some phukker decided to kill them all off. Oh no! We couldn’t have ordinary folks getting educated and all wised up now? Oh fucking no!!!!! They might start looking too closely at the stupid Phukk D’Witz runnning around and ruining the planet. They might start pointing and laughing out loud, down right ridiculing the useless fucking primitive, superstitious, murdering, stupidly dressed, stupid coiffed cunts and stupid shaded schytzopsychonaught fukkers!!!

Openly despise the 0.5% of human numbers who have caused 99.9999999% of all the destruction and misery throughout all of recorded and unrecorded history.

You see that’s why they terminated all the true diversity, equality and inclusivity. Real people would mock the Afflicted.

The newly created creatures of the void of diversity, equality and inclusivity quotiented fools worship the mind swillingly sterile, evil, devil worshipping psychogoons!!!! THE FUCKKERS!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!

Coffee and dessert?

I’ll come back later then.

I’ll get my coat.