Friday 4 March 2011

Sauce au Puke with your Merde Milanese,Sir?

Last night on the GGT we got dished this pail of shite. Not to show us how we can help in the here and now. No, to demonstrate to us our future.

Earlier in the week our favourite chosen success false paradigm was all over the screens again. Not to show us the future but to take us into the past from which we are excluded by inclusion. No choice in the coming free paradigm parroting force feed of Bird Shit Fricassee de Rigeur.

It all has to be shoved into our faces like a great big Illuminated Entarteur .

So let us start with the first course and see if I can keep it together long enough to remain coherent when the second part of our dungy repast heaves into view.

Who are these comicidal phekkers in the Red Vomit Kolfi? Well lets not mince our words. One is an aged GGT operative, the first female propagandist that was given the role of providing leggy cover for dealing out newscrap on a regular basis through the liar’s box. Oh and paid handsomely for it. No lack of pension rights there. The next is a comedian, who I have a soft spot for, who has giggled his way through decades of merriment tagged to the GGT’s many false charridee scams. Then we’ve got a stage muppet who’s been handed massive barrow loads of money to melt our brains and fry our minds through a constant friction free soapy rubbing action. Finally we have a Disney Club graduate who spends all day knee deep in the main stream sewer that is the GGT, a fine marionette extracting a bland juicing’s stipend from the London City empire.

What are these clowns going to do when the penny drops and they realise that in order to eat in the diversity, inclusivity and equality compliant land of fools they’ve helped to construct, that the engineers in charge will insist that their progeny cut their own cock and balls off to be flambéed on the public altar or to spend their lives on their backs taking it sideways in the temple crypt for ever and ever and ever. Just like 3000 years ago. Just like Hollywierd.

Oh I think they already know that, and they’ve made their rational choice in the market place.

Like the clown Galliano you have to ask just what part of Alice’s drug induced stupor do these Springbitch collective think they live? They occupy their lives with ephemera and try and convince us that theirs is the real world when they get all serious and head for the collection of pets, kept in perpetual poverty by the guys pulling their red nosed strings, and expect us to fork over money we don’t have to soothe their burning pallets. Pallets scorched by the money stolen from us every year to keep their propaganda mill going on lines of coke and pneumatic chimerical spunkpots.

Just who did Galliano think he was? Does he reckon that some cock and ballless slob in rags got away with it when he piped up on the steps of the temple “Listen to me. The high priestess isn’t what you think. She is a slag and a trollop and steals your money to blow on golden pleasures. She thinks you lot are fucking thick as shit!” Well either the priestess will get one of the heavies to stick him through his gutless guts or if she’s smart she’ll let the crowd below rip him to shreds. I mean what did he expect? Does he think that being strategically gay, operationally gay, tactically gay, practically gay or day2day gay was going to give him pink gay alley allied cover to talk shit about the shit speakers?


Does he think that we are going to give him the time of day after all that screwing on the red carpet he so craved, snearing at the scum, before washing down his appetites in the finest champagne and fishy meal?

Does he?

If he’d been a honest to God dustbinman or a reconstructive surgeon specialising on those struck down by poverty and disease, he just might have.

As it is he’s just a great big onanistic indulgent muppet of the Affliction who couldn’t keep his yap shut on the stepped marble. BTW what is his real handle?

Which brings me nicely to the master of the 30 minute Dysentery Dressing?

If all this red carpet were trimmed away. If all the rich fools, the 0.5% of the human herd, were removed from the Herd Attention Space. If we all realised that the Lethality Space now encompasses diversity, inclusivity and equality compliant guys with red noses. If all this was swept away there would be plenty of staples and clean water, heat and shelter, for us the useless eaters.

The world is about to starve on command and yet the occcupants of this cockroach infested eating house, staffed by psycho cooks and emotionally empty chefs will only ever get it when they all have to start eating each other raw in the cloak room.

You see Henry, you Khazari War Kriminal Non Noël Peace Prize Winning War Mongering Off World Über Mong ersatz diversity, inclusivity and equality compliant useless eater. It isn’t the vast numbers of us that are the danger. It is you and the inhabitants of the red carpets.

You lot are the useless eaters. You contribute nothing to anything. Always taking, disguised as charity.

The world is suffering from a plague of red carpets. Red carpets eating us out of house and home. Red carpets populated by useless breeders. Red nosed red carpets stealing our fake credit with fake care and attention.

Galliano if you had any balls you’d have dumped that load of smoking man oil in the bitch’s lap.

Fuck me I lost it!!! I’ll come back for the second course later.

I’ll get my coat.