Friday, 18 March 2011

Mobility Kill and Overstretch. Pt 2.

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The mobility kill for UKplc has been administered by the dualist, not duelist, scum that the foundation grooming process has stuffed into out attention space. Indeed our attention space has become the all encompassing lethality space for all future generations. A bunch of gangsterbankster bitchboybitches stealing everything that can be considered ours for their religioKriminalrat masters over the generations. Right now the clowns are intent on killing off a shed more teatowel wearing slobs to distract the attention of the dullards reading the Daily Mail in the social immobility capital of the world.

The crypto Scots bitchboy that is currently polluting the MSM liar’s box is, as usual with his type, talking bollox. The question is not are we the generation upon whose watch the West was eclipsed, you muppet. The west was eclipsed just before Christmas 1913 when the USofA corp was betrayed and you, you tartanned over laurelled quackademic will not dare endanger your tenured position or your chance to appear on the intellectual equivalent of the MSM X-Farter by even hinting at that, will you? The question is why are we still paying attention to an obvious ChiComm loving internationalist agent of the religioKriminals?

The die is cast for UKplc. No one is going to move there unless they are a lacky. A lick spittle. No social dynamism. A nation dead in the iGREEN waters.

However my real interest is in the mobility kill in N.E. Asia.

So what is a mobility kill? It is one’s inability to influence through maneuvre within or to project military power into, a battle space.

I can hear you asking right now. “WTF battle space?”

Well the life we lead is viewed by the guys in charge just so. They run a funny money scam, build up and tear down nations, civilisations and kingdoms, move around technology and weapons, human traffic and slave and all the time we don’t get it.

Right now, at last, N.E. Asia cannot project surplus military power into S.E. Asia and I include USofA corp forces in that. Those wondering why the Koreans have appeared at the other shop should be getting it by now.

If you have asked yourself why there is no looting in Japan, you might want to consider that Japan is currently more civilised in general and more peaceful in the main than the pirate ships bearthed in RCE/LC, RCE/NY or RCE/TA. Too civilised and time to be brought down to the AGENDA 21 level of subsistance.

That brings me nicely to RCE/BS and who’d be wanting to knock N.E. Asia out of the game to come.

Taiwan is tied up tight by party politicing and USofA corp fannying around on the weapons front. South Korea has been super absorbed by the stupid Rothschild muppet with the funny hair, stupid shades and anti-Gok’d clothes for the past year or so. So no troopers shipping out from there to Vietnam or S.E Asia, unlike the 60s then. Japan has Russo/French farting around to its North and ChiComm spy trawlers causing trouble to the south. It also has a shed load of internal political instability not the least of which stems from its Imperial legacy.

Now is the time to restate a few things that have been put out here before.

Do you know the true order of big stick malarky? No?

RĂ¼gen, New Mexico, Konan=Hungnam=North Korea.

As I’ve asked many times before. Why do we currently have a problem with missiles and nukes from North Korea? Well the Nazi’s gave the Japanese the tech in 1944 that’s why. It remains active there in Hungnam to this day.

Another thing that needs revisiting is the use of scalar weaponry. If you’ve read Bearden’s appreciation of why we got Chernobyl then you’ll have a handle on Fukushima.

No one bothers to think this through. The boys in Alaska or Jindalee may have been trying to shield their ally from attack. Public source magnetometry isn’t going to tell you much other than that there was a microwave oven on. Not who was waiting for the ping? Who was attacking, who was defending? Attacking what, defending what?

If my Roth detectors are working properly then I smell a tactical scalar platform somewhere in Yakusa country north of Panmunjom. Pulling a local attack on Japan. Alaska/Alice Springs defending.

The guys with the long range plans wait for these confluences and ease them into being before the main long planned act. Remember they are star gazers and know the stellar long wave alignments perfectly.

No matter how you look at it S.E. Asia is wide open. The west and its nominal allies are overstretched.

Which brings me back to Clark AFB.

One of the things I could never get my head round was the idea that USofA corp was going to get a comfy new billet for its firepower on Raffles’ rock. I mean Changi is and always will be a prison. A high tech. prison but never the less a goal just the same. A goal in the midst of the ChiComm’s exit to the oil. Even if you’ve had a puff of weed overseas long before your return the lads at Changi customs will slap you in irons once the detectors start flashing. There is no way this large scale hi tech urban experiment in high packing density is going to fail or be allowed to founder on the rock of freedom. The model is to rolled out throughout ChiComm land. Those that do not make the successful transition will be removed. How do you remove people and engineer social change? Iron Mountain Report Mandarin style of course.

When the supremacist clown Lee Kwan YU got the go ahead to put together the prototype for ChiComm cities way back in the 60s then the sudden emergence of the Panda squeezer and Nixon on ChiComm territory and the subsequent marginalisation of the Taiwanese should not have come as a surprise.

The only question the ChiComms needed to ask themselves in 2008 was through Myanmar or Spratlys first? We know there will be no one around to stop us apart from the bad publicity. Ah fuck it we’ll do a Rove. We’ll create the history and write about it our way.

So watch out India the string of pearls is centred on Singapore alrighty and don’t be fooled by their mastery of English and no spitting in the street. They are Rothschild’s Mandarin slavers. Their message is NOAHide.