Sunday, 6 March 2011

Opus Dei Agent

We’ve been here before. I’ve given it some right hand drive about the feminist muppets wanting equality, diversity and inclusivity on the pirate ship. Indeed all muppets of an equality, diversity and inclusivity bent craving their turn at the booty and plunder malarky.

They are either bastards or too thick to understand what is going on around them.

Like the blinded given sight in a pitch black room they stumble around amongst their kind making loud worthless pronouncments about leadership and change. Just conceiving of a light switch is too much of a strain on their reduced instruction set mentalist horse power. For if that switch were flicked we would all see just what a bunch of piratical swine have been cloaking themselves in the clothing of the people’s better instincts and values as they set about its destruction.

I warn the women and children of the world that when creatures like this start talking bollox like “Advancing women’s equality is at the heart of the foreign policy of the United States. We believe that women are critical to solving almost every challenge we face, and that strategies that ignore the lives and contributions of women have little chance of succeeding. We view the subjugation of women as a threat to the national security of the US and to the common security of our world. So we are integrating women throughout our work around the globe.

Just as the young men of the world should have been warned when this war kriminal equalitarian, diversifarian, no doubt rastafarian and inclusivationist Phukk D'Witz goon started talking out his foundation rented wankster arsehole.

We are scheduled to die hideously.

The pirates are coming!!!!

This clown in a rented tux, who I used to have great hopes for, has been talking this morning about war crimes .

Well as has been noted here many times by Dr Polya.

When I was a boy I always believed that only the square heads committed war crimes. We were the guys in the white hats, the square heads, filthy sausage swilling swine, always wore schwartzer steel helmets.

Well we are all war criminals now and I understand that stupid look on the ordinary kraut’s face when the gunfire and sniper finally stopped in May 1945.

“How the fuck did that happen?”