Sunday, 6 March 2011

I was watching some J-pop this afternoon.

Robbie and the gang with culinary skills, command of their language and depth.

As you know by now the waves and mean cyclists mean music at the weekend.

So have some K-pop. Ahh…. Silverstone soon.

If anyone reading and swaatching here does not get it yet the Hapsburgs have their agents at work in USofA corp. Is that not so Saul?

Slavers in situ before The Alamo.

Music to my ears.

Now to my gentler side.

To know is to understand what is coming next. Gok, Wankstein I know you’ve been breifed and debreifed.

If you think that the slobs in RCE/TA will not have done a reduced boolean set on the Indus then you are short, not silver, short of Potassium Iodide.