Friday, 18 March 2011

Cognac and cigar?

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If anyone doubts that the great big petri dish is replete with primitive, motiveless and motorless life forms, muribund & barren spermatazoon, then look no further than the latest wheeze spread upon the fauna therein by the GGT crop sprayers. Aspartame aspirants, you’ll get more than you bargained for and less than ever, like good little serfs. Eugenics throughout your sterile, stipended, sty pen. Packing dencytied, in cheap bonded warehouses. Like mentalist Agent Orange jaffas. Defoliant flowing forever o’er your salad days. Only the fools participating in this sham feifdom, freed of freedom, could fall for mouth watering nauseous spreads like AGENDA 21, NOAHide and Sharia all dressed in a cage fighter’s frock.

Phukk D’Witz.

There is nothing in the Madrassas to learn anymore. Only the artistry of the filth croppers and soul stealers, indulging like their ancestors. Schooling Kriegsverbrecher scion. They are full of tenured bitchboys and boybitches cowering in the rigorously policed lethality spaces throughout their academic gulags, just like the dispossessed proles in their homicidal Stalinist Soviet factories, like the corralled stunned beasts in the Maoist Chicago rail heads.

Welcome to your gorey beds. As always you’ll never taste victory.

Do you know the sound of the beehive?

It is the sound of the free thinker.

Where are the free bees now?

Calvados and clear honey?

Firstly sexy, I’ll explain the Mobility Kill and Overstretch. The final hit of which I believe N.E. Asia has just taken.

1 Taiwan

2 Korea

Where are those who have not rolled over and taken the steam driven pile?

Who hasn’t taken the mark?

As I said, Mobility Kill and Overstretch. The Calvados and clear honey can wait.