Thursday, 31 March 2011

Art School Interview

I understand that you would like a turn key position within My existence.

What are your credentials?

Show me your recent portfolio.

Chertianly, We present for Your delectation.

Millions and millions of odd fools.

More possed offal.

Removed and remembered by numbers.

Unhindered tolerance of unexistence.

Our most recent gallery of the best, finessed art.

Remember that the behavioral interview is based on the logic that past behavior predicts future behavior I that am I possesses.

Can you, canyou handle that?

our understated art work shall become world renowned.

“On Monday,Raed al-Batsh, 16, and his brother Mahmoud, eight, were killed along with 14-year-old Ahmed Sweisi by a missile that also killed two Palestinian militants on a crowded Gaza City street on Monday afternoon.The two brothers were helping out in their dad's welding shop when an Israeli missile slammed into an ice cream truck carrying Islamic Jihad gunmen.

The Israeli military confirmed the attack, saying the target was one of the dead men, Islamic Jihad operatives Munir Sukar andAshraf Shaluf who had carried out rocket attacks against Israel.

The Israeli military continued to shell areas of the Gaza Strip, and conducted twenty-nine incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank this week. Houses were raided and thirty-eight Palestinian civilians were arrested. At least one house was occupied by Israeli soldiers and turned into a military post.”

we love our menstrual art….and blooded, bloddied,sanguinous sassoon to be sooned unart. however we do not understand…our drugg…


we accept our doom.

To know the postman is to know that he always rings the bell twice.

Don’t get me wrong.

I cannot stand any of you sand shuffling donkey driving fools no matter how much unedited silence time you get against the raging tyde..

Any of you repetitive OCD’d muppets. On knees, off knees, steal, thieve. Wall wailing defrokeduckedwitz, bricklayingmuppets, concreted immured and unhinged gangrenous effluenties..All of you can burn in your own desired outcome.

You are all a great big distraction.

So fuck off and die all together in one great big sad heap with your various artistic impliments, secret signs, occulted phukkwittery and colours shuvved up your arses.



“Count Zero”

"They will"