Thursday, 16 June 2011

Microspans and microspasms.

Image source.

This is fantastic. However these lads seem to inhabit a private world where counter battery fire does not have any consequence. I always worry about the queen of the battlefield. H/T SNAFU!

Anyway back to the play pen and Hector’s House.

Pirates at work. This lashup and stage prop is essentially a recoilless weapon, like an ONTOS.

This is interesting. I love the NOAHide boots china. Reebok or NIKE? Made in which slaving state? Well you wouldn’t care would you, you phukkin’ stone age slaver.

This is even more interesting.

Are you getting this yet?

The fraud Newton, did describe some relationships, you should know, which do apply locally.


Are you getting some DIcke Keystone Coppery, casting couch in LA Zentral, double teamed yet?

Here is some recoil.

Do you reckon that Japan got Fukushima’d because they decided to stop supplying pickup trucks to the Keystone Al Kayakeda, up the stream without a Strella, AfPakNamistan Kriminals and not process an Iranian Big Stick?

I hope you read about the gun at this here shop in Saudi Africa.

Don’t snikker USofA corp, the whole pickup thing is a testing bed like the FreiKorps was for Germany and the Soviets, for use in the Habsburg attack on you by Reconquista.

Did you note it has the Health and Safety compliant side impact bars.

Oh phukk me!!!


It is coming up to the killing season again so here is something I think you will all know and understand.

At this here zweilling zider bucket there is no criticism, ever, of those dead, soon to be alive or alive, with true heart, no mater, no matter the outcome.