Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Turnin’ and burnin’

WARNING Technical porn alert.

As I’ve been hammering on about for some time now the Beautiful Island is on the endangered list. It is about to be betrayed by the so called freedom loving fools of the West. Handed over to the slaving state and its child killers. So all I can say to this is Oh really! When I clock this pile of crap from the communist Maoists in the Shite House.

With no official word yet about what’s going on, there’s no way to say definitively this decision was made to placate Beijing — but that might not be a bad assumption. This exact issue came up when China’s top military officer, Gen. Chen Bingde, was in the Pentagon earlier this year, and he confirmed that the U.S.-Chinese relationship would be harmed by another sale of weapons to Taiwan — which is part of China, after all, Chen said, so why would it need American military equipment?

Two points.

1)Free people do not trade with or placate slavers. Free people extinguish their slaving racket.

2) When will USofA corp’s spineless chimps be supporting the return of Konigsberg and the Junker lands to their rightful owners? Eh?

Typical relativist commie junk thought.

Anyway did you see that line about LM shutting down the F16 line in 2013? That just leaves the F18 being procured for USofA corp forces.

Everything else will have been closed and out of production. From the teens series and its replacement. Nothing else in sight to employ technologists and skilled persons. There is always the CaliValley of the Dolls though if not the dole.

Well what do you expect with Maoists running your country. One day you are superplastically forming hollow titanium alloy fan blades then the next flipping burgers in Macadees or getting spit roasted. Maoists; the banksters bestest friends and the ruination of every nation.

Anyway here comes the tech. porn. Have a wander through this.

Jet Engine Development in China: Indigenous high-performance turbofans
are a final step toward fully independent fighter production



Just to make the whole thing really well worth looking at with both hands in the air, remember that this lot “lost” a shed load of these recently. Maoists eh? Can’t trust the phekkers not to half inch anything. Useless at making anything, other than a pile of dead bodies, but they cast envious eyes upon the fruits of skillled people’s endeavour.


Now I will take umbrage with the analysis of these good folks regarding the ChiComm’s efforts to get a big red Maoist reaction engine up and running.

The ChiComms might not have to bother.

Follow me on this one.

If one casts one’s mind back to just before the last big one, a curious set of circumstances, not much commented upon, reveals itself. Garlicswilling AG and UKplc sent missions over to USofA corp to buy up a shed load of aircraft, initiate design of new aircraft and in UKplc’s case transplant aeromotor tech. Oh yes all those Packard Merlins came in real handy a few years later when the dropping of vast tonnages of high explosives on workers’ dwellings became fashionable.

This handing off of production work allowed UKplc to concentrate on developing the next generation of tech.

This is where a quote I remember about a singular weakness in the squarehead’s aerospace activity in the 1940s is significant. They never developed, got into production and then into front line service in massive numbers a 2000hp aeromotor. This failure was judged a tactical and operational handicap for the Wehrmacht.

The end result was that by 1944 Ukplc and USofA corp had 2000+hp aeromotors coming out of the factories and into squadron service by the thousands and thousands and had been for several years. Oh yes they were huge complicated things, but we had the tech. depth to handle it all.

And this is the interesting part. The square heads almost short circuited the whole thing by developing the axial flow turbojet.

A USAAF fighter jock may have been looking forward to a ship which had a 3500hp corncob up front, tearing through the atmos at 500mph in 1946, but the squareheads were already squealing through the air at 550mph two years previously on puny little Jumos.

They almost got away with it, simpler, lighter and aerodynamically more suited to the screaming through the air with your pants on fire future war. So they didn’t need the big 2000hp reciprocating whirlygig afterall.

So what are the chances of the new Nazi state pulling a similar trick? There is enough information out here to suggest that someone’s going to short circuit the aeromotors game again. Little experiments with bacofoil, chewing gum and spit that makes one wonder. Somewhere deep in the Maoist slaver state is there a bunch of clever geezers hard at work with the best equipment money can buy investigating just what the hell Tesla was on to?