Monday, 6 June 2011

I thought these guys were storming.

Everything I wanted. Nutters in phukkovbighats, a faireybird on a unicycle, uncomplicated sing along lyrics and a bit of a knees up. However they was robbed.

Look at that map.

The secret squirrels will be kicking something off there again very,very soon.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2012. This time RCE/TA will be sending some identical twin hitmen. No point in OGPU/NKVD/MOSSAD/Dr Dee turning up to Allgemeine’s do in 2011, the square heads got Roth’d or Borg’d 70 years ago.

That's what I want. Nutters in stupid hats, a bird in an attack helicopter, simple RATATATAT, and a total phukkup. With added dead bodies.

Just shifting my gaze further east we find DIcke’s Keystone Coppery Theorem getting more green lights as we head deeper into the maneuvre kill.

Get ready.