Thursday, 23 June 2011

What a Kuntsevo?

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This is the proletarian, utilitarian, rotarian, masonic dump the Rothschild’s bastard came to study Marxist theory and the furtherment of the emancipation of humanity. Something only he was fit for purpose. So he needed a top gaff, no McMansion for him, oh no. There to rest his never ceasing brainiac’s attempts to bring sweetness and light to the masses.

Nah! Did he phukk!

What do people who have all the temporal power do in any society?

Yep no need to spell it out for you. You know where this is going.

What do people who have absolute temporal spiritual control and temporal power do then?

Ohhhh, I can tell you are scratching your nuts. You are thinking “WTF is INCOMING!!!!!!! on about now? What’s the difference? And how can you have “absolute temporal spiritual control”? WTF does that mean?”

Well lets get back to our Georgian heathen scion of the Roth. He, like all over inflated egobarphs, was a great big panty wetting girlyman. A great big pumped up, over stuffed, full of swamp gas, bitchboy. Nothing more than a gangster. Very much like the inadequate goons who infest the West’s businessperson cadre. So inadequate that the only way to give their lives meaning is to replace the emptiness inside with the emptiness of so called commerce. Like these clowns made famous by the GGT.

These kinds of business persons are now going to be getting directly into our faces because all the work has gone and if the IPCC and assorted iGREENs get their way these are the types of empty, successful goons who will be deciding whether we live or die. Just like the Man of Steel. Why do they never have a proper handle? Well it is because the whole shebbang is a production. A staged play to kill off those who do not believe.

Stalin had to read the barph inducing foundation sponsored Marx Brother’s drivel in order to get on in his schytzoid system. These business persons need to have USofA corp business gurus to tell them how to get on in their, much more cleverly disguised, schysophrenic system.

However I digress.

Whenever, and it is very often, I hear a business person expounding on the pursuit of profit and the value of money. Whenever I hear about how much they have stashed away and how wealthy they are I reflect that I am not speaking to a real person. There is nothing but a hollow shell, an empty, no longer inhabited, carbon based life form called Homo Sapiens Sapiens which in reality is now Homo Vocivus Ludens. Completely engineered id. It isn’t as if they are stupid or hide bound. I remember over 10 years ago one of them constantly urging me to read The Coming Plague and yet being blind to the vulgar nature of what he so diligently researched, he would never have understood a conversation about the philosophy of money. These captains of, I won’t say industry since that has gone, these lieutenants of rigged markets. These Doges of commerce are disciples of nothing and they don’t realise it and never will. They are unknowing perps acting out their roles on the stage of the eternal crime scene.

That useless erasatz commie Fukk D’Witz, the rusty steel man was even emptier. If that is possible. Homo Vocivus Pravus. When the Rothschild’s bastard with the silly moustache kicked in the door of the stinking edifice known as the USSR he blubbed like a great big knicker wetting girlyman. Now instead of the locals, most of whom were dead by then, stringing the fucker up from the nearest lampost outside his dacha, they fell for his address to the Russian people. Suddenly it was all brothers and sisters this, Russians that. No more comrades or Leninist crap. The mob fell for it.

I’ll digress again. Those of you with an eye for such matters will recognise a pattern at work when the square heads wandered into places already stolen by Uncle Joe. So technically it wouldn’t have been an invasion. The square heads owned everything from Lvov to Yerevan after the end of hostilities in 1917. Now if one, following an age old pattern, were to commit a massive crime and intend to get away with it would the idea of a great big stouchie rolling over the crime scene help. Kind of like despoilation of the evidence at a crime scene as modern forensic scientists would recognise it. Zoh. The commies roll into the Ukraine and kill everyone. Millions and millions and millions of dead people everywhere. I mean really dead. Not as you would understand it Steven, BTW what’s your real handle. Real dead people everywhere. No one alive to make films about. Then the square heads roll through. Then the commies roll through again. Now that is a pretty despoiled crime scene alrighty. Again there is a partial answer to those niggling problems that get skimmed over by the GGT when we look back at these event. We are supposed to believe the half arsed cover story of why UKplc royalty couldn’t do anything to save the Byzantine royal family of Russia. We aren’t supposed to do anything other than shrug when we find out about our handing over millions of fleeing refugees to the heathen commie murderers after the gunfire and sniper stopped in 1945.

Get this straight; UKplc wanted them all dead because we are host to the heathen

What Stalin lacked was the ability to wield absolute temporal spiritual control. Shooting people and starving people will not do it. He was a classic bitchboy outwith the sacred intiates who wield the real power in this world. Fear is a dish best served with subtlety and fiat money.

What do I mean? Look around you. We are in constant fear. This world has been brought into being by the wielding of absolute temporal spiritual control. Stalin’s power was brought into being by the high adepts of this control and they burst his bubble when they decided to, after he’d served his purpose.

Again a further aside. If the good folks who live in, what I consider an expanding crime scene, stop and think about some of the puzzling things that infest our daily lives. Things like the counterintuitive outcomes of the criminal justice system both here in UKplc, EUSSR and USofA corp. The endless killing and war making. How dodgy businesspersons always end up living in the finest dachas in the best parts of town, no matter which country you live in. This is most easily explained by the realisation that we are being lead by criminals. The criminal mindset is the default setting for our society.

We live in a crime scene, run by and for criminals and there is no more FBI, rule of law or justice.

Once this realisation is made your life becomes simpler, happier and your direction in life so obvious. Once you realise that the early adoptors of this system have not relinquished their control but instead have strengthened it every cycle of building and destruction. That they have a closed system that seeks to drag us down to their engineered level and away from their higher pretentious domain. That the mob can be set up and controlled by this system of control and preaction. Nothing is new and the same pattern repeats, then our own solution is to remove evrything we can from their effective control and if we find ourselves in one of their systems to fuck it up as much as possible. It isn’t hard to do, remember this is a criminal enterprise with no ISO9001 or Six Sigma bollox. Just fiat cash acquisition by any means. Once you realise that instead of being a good little believer what you need to be is a bad little believer then the system will collapse under the weight of its own ridiculous pretentions.

Their system relys on the individual being part of some sort of engineered Reduced Instruction Set Community. Existing in a captured mindset. Whilst they belong to a sect with supremacist pretentions and a massive inferiority complex. I mean imagine knowing that the only reason the djinn chose the chosen ones was because they were a bit thick.

What I’m trying to say is that the society in which we are engineered to believe we are nothing but machines is run by true believers. Temporal spiritual persons. Their belief system works for them, demonstrabley not theoretically like ours. Can you use the theoretical tennets of democracy? Can they use their belief system?

Which one works in a temporal sense? However it is all a con.

Now I don’t want you getting all miserable. The three ringed flea circus that these slobs run has fallen apart before. I can identify one such occasion when they had to restart the whole con again. As I wrote at the other shop

the storming of the crime scene personally and the booting out of the religioKriminals from the Temple. Expelling them outwith the protection of the sacred geometry. You can tell that actually happened because they put a contract out on him thereafter. This singular event tells us that he knew what had happened thousands of years before.

After that the pony show collapsed as it became obvious for all to see what a stinking pile of crap their cult was. However the nexus and source of the cult, which way predates Abraham, started it all again 500 years later.

However it knows that the more complete its secular oppression of us the stronger we become spiritually. Always the temporal struggle. Always true spiritual victory. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Cheer up, if you think we’ve got it bad just imagine knowing, that no matter what you do, it will never succeed because you are a fictional, heathen, criminal, secular, cretinous cult.