Thursday, 30 June 2011


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Today UKplc has gone on strike.

Yesterday Greece got all sweaty and sweary.

If you were allowed to be gazzillionare and then realised that the money was fake, then set about telling people you’d get lead pilled with extreme prejudice.

If you were a leader of labour and realised similar and set about ditto you’d be corresponding with the gazzillionare via the spirit world too.

As I’ve related previously, my good mate Stuart the union man would never stop bugging me to join the union. I never succumed to the attractions even when it was pointed out that one way to guarenteed promotion within the organisation was to get unionised. Stuart, to this day, remains puzzled by this illogical obstinacy.

What he didn’t realise was that to me, promotion within a Ponzi didn’t hold any attractions. And that I had been already unionised.

What people don’t get their heads round is the following little vignette.

“What’s your daddy then?”

“He’s a Colonel in the NKVD”


“What’s your mummy then?”

“She protects baby polar bears and panda cubs”

Similar outcomes.

Dead people everywhere.

OK shit heads get this vignette.

Your granny, or child, is left destitute on the streets. Most likely reason for that is that those who infest your local government are followers of some sort of Maoist/Marxian shit pumped out of the Chicago school of shamanomics, i.e. licensed thieves. A polar bear wanders past. Outcome. It eats you loved one.

Your child has a WWF poster of a baby polarpandakoalasqueezer on his bedroom wall, bought by granny. Outcome. They are both accomplices in the death of millions.

Same with gazzilionaires and unions. The outcome is counter intuitive. Neither are free.

Do you remember that film with Will Smith where he works for free in a Ponzi scheme, internship, and then makes it big? Just like marks in a Marxian Ponzi scheme, coconut shy, we are supposed to think that everyone has an equal chance of making it bigtime in the free markets. Rubbish. There is one seat, and one seat only, for a kept, publically displayed boybitch at the head table of the overmighty. No one makes real money unless they are tapped. If you go off score in any way you get ditched like any kept bitch in the dolly world. Go on then? Do you think that Bill Gates doesn’t know how fractional reserve banking works, or has he been innoculated.

When the current hiccup in the Ponzi scheme’s progress is overcome it will be interesting to see what kind of monstrous economic caricature they allow to be the model of success for the rest of the herd to try, never to be allowed to succeed, and emulate.

Even from here in the midst of hexenheathenkingdom it is obvious that an iGREEN success story will be the model.

However with the idea of free market capitalism deliberately imploded, the memory of liquidation squads still not extinguished, they should go for the mentalist rabid belief scheme as religion next.

When one realises that the guys who ran the Ba’al Hammon worshipping scheme out of the seven hills area were the same families who used to bugger and burn boys in a previous era you can see the magnitude of the problem to disengage from their infernal belief systems. Look at the design of their so called churches, synagogues and mosques.

Them and us.

As I said I had been forcibly unionised in my first ever paying job. Nothing said. Just that in my first payslip there was a deduction. Even then I smelled scam.

Look at all the money taken from working people and look at the end result. Look at all the money paid into pension schemes and look a the result. Schemes and scams. If anyone thinks that going on strike will alter the fact the the fiat money was taken from your fiat pay packet, pissed up the London Wall via expensive champagne, cocaine and pneumatic transexuals, the whole whoring process scheduled to be given cover by a preprogrammed crash of stock markets and bank bailouts then I’m afraid you are more than deluded, you are a danger to society.

If you think that your union leader doesn’t know this to be the case then you got what you deserved. Watch the GGT and realise that the whole Goebbels’ Gobshite Towers has turned to confabulation propaganda mode to keep us divided.

What Maxwell did to his pensioners is now being used as a cover story to disguise the grand theft. How can anyone fall for the relativist angle the GGT pimps out? Private sectors pensioners are poor, so public sector pensioners should be as well, the selfish, ungrateful bastards.

Never any mention that everyone’s pension, savings, wealth and lives have been stolen by the usual perps operating out of RCE/LC from the offshore sodomy palaces.

To point this out, never mind acting upon the knowledge, is to invite suicidal career syndrome if done in private or Lead Pill Pharmaceutical delivery if you’ve got an audience.

If UKplc did a Greek then it would be the best outcome for all of mankind. Imagine every city a smoking ruin, every public space confiscated by the riot, every ceremonial terminated. Don’t be getting all upset now at the thought, this is the ultimate aim of the guys running the sacramental mentalist space we are allowed to inhabit, briefly. They’d love us all gone, but they cannot do it yet. So they need vast numbers of us to hide within. Otherwise we’d identify them easily, they look like shit in a whoresuite or a turd in a tuxedo. As their numbers increase they need more, stupidly atired and diverse numbers of us to blend into. One facet of the fiat money scheme is to breed camouflage for the muppets. We are useful foliage for the cuckoos to hide within. Plants that think a days striking will do anything when we’ve got a Common Purpose, EUSSR, foundation bitchboy spouting platitudes from the House of Commons that the nation will be damaged by these strikes.

He and his predecessors are hell bent on obliterating everything British from existence.

Well to that all I’ve got to say is that whatever the, so called, spawn of Moses thinks, I know he’s talking out his arse. To him and his fellow foundation bitchboys and boybitches there is no nation just a vast field of rape to be harvested. There are no people just crops to be scythed. There are no families just serfs to serve him and his heathen, troughing, inbred cliques.

Burn the dump to the ground. Fuck the carbon footprint. It is another scam.Remember that 99% of all the pollution is caused by inbred Marxian mutants living high on the hog away from drive by shootings, sex trafficking, drug dealing and general shittyness. They live secure in Maoist tax havens because they run all the slaving and criminal activity that we are supposed to believe is called an economy.

Better to live a few months tracking and hunting, the now clearly exposed and marked, survivors down before dying, than living generation after generation as slaves in the heaving, hiving, sterile cesspool of these clown’s diaper.