Wednesday, 8 June 2011

To any aspiring squillionaire in any other country outside the EU I have a message.

Make sure you watch this shit which greased and smeared its way, like a great big dirty protesting turd, across our TV screens this evening here in OGPUK.

It was quite simply RUBBISH.

Dust spin my arse. The best that UKplc can dredge up were togged up like dayglow hyvizfukkedwitz. All Maoist. You could have put them in Beijing 1964 and taken a black and white snap and been hard put to spot any differentiation between the 21st Century UKplc muppets and the little red book carrying retards in Maoist China. WTF!! Phukkme with a hot wire brush and domestos!!!!

This is what the white heat of technology, education, education, education, investment, knowledge based economy, massive IT spend and training have brought us to? You know, all that GGT spewed key word and phrasing that hid the slide from prosperity and freedom to poverty and serfdom.

In the hitech, hispec, fibreoptic’d, microwaved, WiFi Wii’d cutting edge of the 21st century what did we get our, so called, finest doing?

We got a bunch of rag and bone men phukking their knackered old pony show way, around rubbish tips in a cagedup Ford Transit looking all the world like my local council’s finest as they wander around fucking up the area with spilled recycling rubbish and damaging cars as they scream round tight corners in the juggernaughts too quickly.

Is this it?

What do I have to look forward to in the second half of the century?

Child slavery and cannibalism?

So to any real business people with a handle on reality out there I’d say “Get to work and then come over here and spec up the best bit of property you want. You’ll not be disappointed, the locals are too retarded to know what the real world is about. Most of them need to be picked up out of the gutter and taught how to waiter apparently. That’s why EUbitchboy Camoron is getting rid of our armed forces. Only kitchen staff will be available for the recruitment pool.

Napoleon I think once chided England for being a nation of shop keepers. Today he’d quip that we were shoplifters and table dancers.

They think they can health and safety, inclusivity, diversity and equality hyviz their way to global commercial dominance.


As business persons these sychophantic apprentices lack three things. Technological depth, work ethic and perspective.

They don’t realise that they live in a STASI Star Chamber NOAHide court. Hard work doesn’t cut it here. Only criminality of the highest order will get you success in the iGREEN scam

In fact by the time they get through the rinse cycle at school they will know that it will pay to be full spectrum gay. Operationally, strategically, tactically, day2day, transitory, bipolar, opportunistically and optimistically….gay.

All the rest is quite simply make believe fairytale froth in Marie Antionette’s fertiliser pile.

As an exercise in futility UKplc I ask you to watch the adverts that pollute our attention space from the magicbox in the corner. Look at them and study them, you’ll see exactly what we’ve become. A nation flogging shit, like cash, gas and insurance to each other and that is it! And it is all a scam.

FFS we are going to have to break out of this pronto.

We blew the last general election and by the time the 2015 staged event heaves into view the IUD timebombs will have triggered a massive demographic clearance of the abos here.