Friday, 17 June 2011


Cam Rahn Bay?

If you cast your mind back to WW2, the prime aim of which was to complete the process of dragging USofA corp into the myre. A process started on Christmas Eve 1913 and planned since Jekyll Island, what an appropriate name.

Cast your mind back to the actors and their relationships, their ever changing relationships. Everything was mutable, everything in flux, yet the perception management kept us in the dark about just what was really going on.

Right now we are having the Herd Attention Space manipulated to disguise the next desired outcome.

What is the desired outcome?

The integration of India to the Ponzi scheme, merge North and South America and final tidying up of the some loose ends using the new boys on the block. The new boys who are tooling up for a move. What move?

Zbig always wants ChiCommland to head into Siberia to stiff the Russians. The lure of oil and minerals is supposed to be an irresistable bait. Well if I know that such a strategy is bollox then I’m sure the ChiComms know as well. How do I know? Well the square heads, remember them the liebensraum fanatics, they worked out long before the gunfire and sniper got stopped that the only move that turned a buck was the occupation of already developed regions. France , good. Poland, bad.

No one is heading north with OMGs. I see my red, child killing buddies heading to the bright lights southwards and they’ve made it quite plain for all to see that that is where they are heading.

So we get distractions like tellyvision programming that is obsessed with peoples pudenda, orifices and genitalia. Big disease vectors in pyjamas clogging up the MSM. Lady J Go causing all sorts of wonderful distractions on the gogglebox.

Meanwhile RCE/TA is causing chaos around the Phoenician lake to keep us crapping ourselves. I didn’t write about tall buildings for nothing, if we don’t crap ourselves enough then something might get lit off to keep us in line. Before we go East again I just want to highlight something very, very important.

If you remember SPRINT, stood up and then immediately stood down. That was a system operating within a strategic intercontinental threat, thousands and thousands of miles apart, millions of cubic miles of lethality space.

Then there is ARROW and assorted programmes. ARROW is a theatre system and the decision times and reaction times are so much less than the larger system. Indeed it could be a very cluttered environment, by design. If RCE/TA is serious about taking out IRAN then I would not be surprised to read that there is a plan to launch ICBMs amongst the lifting off of the interceptors of the shield. We know that the pirate base has a proclivity for false flags and hidden ops.

Which brings me nicely back East.

I still believe that this or similar facility was running defence during this, which made the event less damaging than planned. As usual on these occassions there was more than one operation in play. The major play though was maneuvre kill.

As I pointed out earlier Japan, South Korea and Taiwan(USofA corp) are now out of the picture operationally. If the pantomime villain, Rothschild’s lad, was playing his part by allowing NK to be used for the tactical scalar Yak attack on behalf of RCE/TA & ChiComms, just like he let NK be used for the attack that took SK out of the gaming in 2010, then we should expect him to be getting a pat on the back and a new girlfriend to kill.

What should be clear by now is that the long suspected turning of the coat by RCE/TA has now happened. They lost a shed load of F15 engines last week. I wonder where they ended up?

Let’s make that quite clear; RCE/TA is now allied to the ChiComms. Not us. WW3 has kicked off.

With that in mind I would suggest a very sensible start to the ChiComm string of pearls would be to follow England’s pattern in the Med. You want safe easily defended bases. Gib, Malta etc.

Cam Rahn Bay? That would be sweet wouldn’t it. USofA corp taxpayers built and paid for it.