Monday, 27 June 2011

U What?

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I fucking told you so. Let the garlic swilling swine into anything and they will get a double/triple agent Rothschild sponsored shithouse up and running pronto, Tonto. Nothing but dead bodies, slaughtered innocents, broken families and gunfire and random sniper everywhere. Oh, and there will be a pigs dinner and chaos all round.

There is going to be a larger body count heading to our graveyards soon.

Count on it.

War dead to be driven down side streets to avoid the public

The question that I put to you is this one.

Are the inhabitants of the UKplc currently, not to put too fine a point on it, in the aggregate, not to generalise too much, inclined towards, not seeking to pillory the majority without justification, being A BUNCH OF FICTION LOVING, IGNORANT, DEGENERATE, SPINELESS CUNTS?

Just asking you stupid, slaver loving, indolent bitchboys and boybitches. Inhabitants of Marie Antionette’s toy farm’s dung heap.