Wednesday, 1 June 2011

This is coming to you.

Image source.

Show trials if you own anything.


All because we are iMORONS.


Shit, wasn't it? That is the sound of the future.

You useless fools. Have you not thought that the religious architects who design your holding pens, where you watch big men in their jammies, are signing your final travel warrant.

If you think that the made up tales about cattle cars are not for you then pray that you are not prey. The 6 million is U.

Wake up iBANKSTER bitchboys and boybitches, this is all you’ve sold your children into.

Just watch the Idverts on iTHEiR telly.

iNOTHING but iFUNNY money, iNSURANCE=iTAX, and iGREEN cars.

Which you will never own, you are property let out. Sub let clowns

Don’t you get it yet?

We are never to own anything.

Now that we’ve forgotten the iCASH crash of 2007 we get iFULLS of iFOOL petrol bombs on the strrets and we are not supposed to notice.

If you don’t then you are complicit or enemy.

Nothing more or less.

Which iI are you?

The iBullet that kills you is worth less than your iLIFE to the uBANKSTERS.

U only exist if uWORSHIP.

Do you worship the banks?

If you do and are awake then do you know what religion will replace the ritual?

Stop it then.

It will take hundreds of years but the sooner we start the better.