Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Ba’al Hammon Bishop of Rome says what!!!?!?!?!?

Love and spastic image source.

Into the Hutches, Spastic.

Ass Stalin said . (He knew thwat he was talking about having been groomed within the Affliction.)

“How many legions has the Ba’al Hammon Bishop of Rome?” H/T ZGR

What you are supposed to read is thliyer lists of villains and forget that their lists of odd heroes is also shit.

Psst. They like to kill us. Keep it quiet. In case they come and....kill us. Again.

Get this straight Rome is not Europe.

London is not England.

BTW as I was saying a few weeks back this clown Berg is an odd waste of space.

HeBerg is Oopart. Just like most Yanks of the chain.