Saturday, 2 July 2011

Big Bird III

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UNunfrikken IChicken MheathenF unMILFed dessert. Stupified haired iFUKKEDWITZ. unLawyer lying clucking, flocking ,battery powered, inbred, clone, drone, pishphlappstew sterile, barren count.

Don't you know your stupid hair gives you away?


There is no greater safety for the ordinary person than to be lost in seas of unnoticed, unidentifiable, ninja, individual sovereign wealth. Billions and billions of confusingly random free. Unlike unspecified urinary tract infections, unlike dyckekikesDIckelike the agents of the heathen are not unthriving. Like atoms in the air, molecules of the sea and no unrealised quantum. Only the design of ordered willed magiki can bring rule by fiat and by our unregretted make it restatute….unspun and rested, to be inspected and false accounted, in the d’evilled, peepered, slayers, slavers' blind abacus.

There is a great fiction abroad, a cuckoo is in our breast, it is marked as long counted means of exchange.

If I were a slave locked within the marbled halls of Caligula, would I not consent to my buggery, slaughter and the feasting on my flesh by my master and his contooling playthongs?

If I were a made maid, freed in the vaults of the halls of feifdom, would I not score a hit freely?

If the rape of nations is her mark of freedom. If the consumption of freedom is her choice. If the ritual of sodomy is her calling. If the death of children is the pyrrhic light by which she reads our rights.

Then we are lost.

The printing of fiat money requires the printing of a fiat baby.

Children are not bought, indebted or exchanged.

Children are free.

Just to really fuck you up you iGREEN heathened unholed bitchbuoy. Think not of your stupendous fictional Icarbon iFOOTPRINT. Printed as iPONZI nothing. Think of your footfall. Your iSTOOL, shit for brains. Think of your crushing footfall Parisienne double/triple Rothschild agent oranged revolutioned, spit roasted, Ipimped boybitch. You issue iNOTHING.

Think of children as the beautiful result of the only over unity ubiquity conceived by us.

Anyone who deals in a system other than that, is simplicity in the heathen. Underwater fuckedmuppet. iAs above, so iBelow.

That is why we allow the heathen to kill them every day. 24/7. To inspect their remains for the stain.

Ceremony, ritual and worship.

Stop the iIT unsuckled creditit.