Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Gin Palatial.

What a Ukrainian starving, lying kunt.

There has been fires in Russia and Australia? Really? Innit? In Canada Inuit?

Whoopee fuckin’ doo, Scoobeey Poopey Doo. Get some spinach down you.

I wonder which of your COMINTERN buttons got pushed you Phukk D’Witz Klitz?

Talk about getting all Maurice and Strong on us.

Canucked Djinnhadist phukkedwitzmentalist!

Go on then get a 2 for 1 on nothing. Starving bitch.


Of course you’ll be talking shite in the de-glass ceilinged clubs while men, women and children starve.

Sorry, scum who don’t talk shite die.

What a lark!!

Wingardiam faminosa.

News INTERNalionalist CHEKA'd scum.