Sunday, 10 July 2011

Two rump estates, and a side order of zombie fries. G5oose fart, samohonka and politika polka. A psycho, meet starved, slavering, slave killing panda.

Image source.

You are now at the ideal tempuratura for our guests to dine.

Two castrated courtesans. A beautiful boy. A g4Ooparted remnant.

If ever there was an example of the illusory, temporal and secular power of weaponised moral solvent, this moment should go down in history.

It is full blooded, homicidal ceremony and ritual.

It knows that in the transients of the flux there will result real deaths and real events on a grand scale. Infinite fiat. Asymptotic free press. Unending Luciferian(small l) lucre (Large L).

You have to admire the beauty of these quantum mechanic and fractal priesthoods at work.

They can only do their mojo in a spiritual vacuum though.

Which we create for their pleasure.

I’ll bet you never thought yourself apart of a part of a bell jar?

Did you?