Sunday 10 July 2011

The Bomb Line. 5 of ?. Real happenings not imagined.

"In World War II numerous Kalmyk soldiers fought in the Red Army; some received the highest military decorations. However, in the summer of 1942, when the Nazis occupied Kalmykia, some local Kalmyks, and others from Nazi-occupied Serbia, sided with the Nazis as a way to throw off the communist yoke. The Soviets reconquered the Kalmyk ASSR in December 1942. Stalin declared all Kalmyks Nazi collaborators and ordered them deported. In December 1943 boxcars carried the total population of the Kalmyk ASSR, including communists and Komsomols, to prison camps in Siberia and Central Asia. This was the third great Kalmyk genocide—about half survived."


"The memorial recalls Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s deportation of the entire Chechen nation and the related Ingush group - half a million people - to the steppes of Central Asia in the winter of 1944.
As many as a quarter of the deportees froze, starved or died from disease in what many historians and the European Parliament call a genocide.


"Escaping Soviet authority, in 1945, within the territories of Italy, Yugoslavia, Germany and France, the Cossacks totaled more than 70,000. Within Austria alone, there were more than 40,000 Cossacks. In May, of that same year, 30,000 representatives of the Cossack encampment, along with their wives, mothers, fathers and children, traveled from Italy, through the Alps to southern Austria, to the city of Lientz, which was in the occupational zone of the English. One of the conditions of acceptance, or in receiving such a large group of people “on their land” was for the Anglo-American command to ask that all weapons be voluntarily surrendered. With this, the Ataman Cossacks were reassured that no one would be violently handed back to Stalin. In fact, as history has verified, eyewitnesses have witnessed and documents of that time testify, Churchill and Aldington promised the KGB and Russia’s death squads, to destroy all of the Cossacks: all 70,000 of them! Aldington, with his Mephistopheles smile told Churchill: “History gives us a chance to destroy one part of Russia’s savages, with the hands of other Russian savages.”"

Give me a name?

Which side of the line are you on? Which savages are being groomed, right at this moment, to come and take you away in the night?

Don't be thinking anything has changed, your eyes are off the ball. Bedazzled by a load of crap in Wapping. They kill us and then monitor the phones of the dead and grieving, using a cut out, to check if they've got a problem to manage. Got it?.

Get ready. It is coming.