Thursday, 14 July 2011

Where’s The ChiCommb Itch Breeding Mare?

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Got an itch, need to scratch.

Rupert, son and the red boybitch. Soon to be hauled in front of a parliamentary committee of eunuchs and impotent thieves. Fools who for decades have sold UKplc out.

Would you, a hopefully sentient carbon based life form, rely on the Magic Circle to give you a true account of why one of their number had been found buggering children?

Would you?

So why give any space to the MSM in their attempt to explain what they get paid so much money to do. Lie.

Remember the conversation, taped, between Billy Graham and President Richard Nixon, about Jewish control of the media? Remember who was Nixon’s preferred candidate to solve his perception problem? The CIA solution.

So here’s another non MSM, non paid 500,000 cool per annum to talk bollox, not living in the Cotswolds perspective.

Here’s the view from The Smoke.

RCE/TA is going to need cover for the dropping of that great big Harem Curtain from Athens to Tripoli. Remember the strap line will be.

“Oh you anti semites you forced us by your unreasonable behaviour into the arms of the Panda Squeezers. We are so sad to have to sever our deep ties with you!” I.e. we in the West woke up to where pirate central was and where all our loot, money, wealth, pensions and society had gone after they'd bolted with it all. Idiots.

Meanwhile on the hot line from RCE/TA to RCE/BS there will be a mighty cheer as the fools West of Athens fall for it. Again!

Rupert couldn’t give a flying one about UKplc, his breeding mare is going to make gazzillions East of the Harem Line. With or without him. However they’ll both be supplying the cover story on each side of the Harem Line.

Go on then where is the ChiCommb red itch?