Monday, 4 July 2011

What do I want?

NB this really ought to be over the other shop so until I get the more important stuff out over there it will be parked here for the duration. Then it will make more sense, however I thought you might enjoy. The usual full nine yard caveat applies.

Are you occupied?

Are you?

I would like to be cited as a git that sawed in law.

I would like a class of students in some far away day to be shown, definitivyLivyliveley, without prevarication, nor prefabrication, no questions asked, no doubt.

That, here, there was a nutter.

It got it all wrong.

Study, observe and learn.

And from the class there would be a unified chorus of off scone’d scion.

“Go and fuck yourself!”

The process we are experiencing is not winnowing. It is not forging. It is not smelting. It is not wrought from ought.

We are allowing ourselves to be transformed.

They understand this, we do not, they are scared.

Cease and desist.

Consider our substance.

Don’t be thinking I’ve gone all soft on you……..

..imagined from far, far away. The theft of our lives and the delay of our birth.


…however something has heaved into view which is significant.

How to destroy Millikan’s experiment?

C you are indeed correct it may be a time to die. Avops they are in deed, in life and in death using Darwinian selection to remove their opposition and there is no doubt that one of the greatest evils that we have allowed into the world is the aborticide and infanticide of systemic medicine sans frontiers of Ba’al Hammon. Stealing children is not a solution. It is totenanism. The clinic has become a gulag. BMA=NKVD. The technology is always in the hands of the heathen. They persuade us that they have all the power,we fall for it and remain inept. They are the fools though when we finally stir and pay the price.

I reckon I’ve killed the diffraction grating problem.

So let us set the next load of relgioKriminal theatre on its way.

How to weigh a non existent entity?

With prayers of friends and fiends of course.

Now that didn’t quite pan out how I thought it should but that is the truth.

Defying a non entity called forth gravity.


If only.

What do I want?

I want us to realise that we are under sustained, direct and indirect, suppressing fire. Aimed at us from every dimension, with every art and from unrealised parts of reality that are hidden from us.

What do I want?

That we should regain our self respect. Respect for ourselves, for those gone, for those yet to come. Appreciate the power of the mind over minds. That our free mind is the most powerful force in the universe. That is why we are under constant attack.

What do I want?

We should realise that every institution, every corporation, every academic theory has now gone toxic and is causing our spiritual dysentery. We are incapable of containing our own soul because of the actions of these vehicles of those who hate us all.

What do I want?

If there is any one thing in this world that we could unleash. If there is one event that could destroy their djinn’s contrived greed. A property that we all posses that scares the religioKriminals. I want that.

What do we want?

If ever there was a secret to our existence that must be made widely known it is the clear understanding of just why the K-rush and the DMT swarm are the alpha and the omega of our one lit page in the endlessly bound volume of existence. We know that there are hyperdimensional properties to DNA, though the behaviour is described as quantum tunnelling. If you got your head round what I was saying about the diffraction grating problem then it shouldn’t surprise you that our current way of life can be effected by our ancestors and in turn we can affect the lives of our children directly and vice-versa. It isn’t just hair colour and skin pigmentation, height and skeletal form that DNA replicates. That is the route that brother Darwin was kept in the starting gates to lead us off down whilst killing the spiritual dimension to our existence. Someone doesn’t want us to get in their, up until now, exclusive playpen. The reason they have breeding charts is because that idea of intragenerational and intergenerational hyperconnectivity, a secret property of human reproduction, keeps them in the best houses, islands, wines and riches of the world. This is what all the trinkets, HDTV, sports, wars, scandal, madrassas, industry, wealth and mayhem hides from us.

If we believe that we are nothing then our children will be marked by our own beliefs long before the egg and the sperm meet many centuries after we are dead. If we do not have children then we have done their work and kept their playpen exclusive.

So if that geezer with the oil drop thought he was weighing an electron then I’m afraid he was wasting his time. He should have been making love, that is how you change the universe. That is the subject of the utmost gravity. That is how electrons come into existence and their nonexistent weight can be conceived.

What do I want?

I want us to generate the human equivalent of a massive EMP. We do this, this is what we do. We are recently unpracticed but the power is still inate and unremovable. Love is free of the djinn stain.

What we want is?

An outburst of our RISCfree, deliberately suppressed, long awaited, unbound love.

As I said before there is only one over unity system in the whole of creation and that is us.

Love is the expression of an open system.

Which will require only our selves to achieve.

What do I want?

Our freedom and happiness.

Heads up.