Thursday, 26 August 2010

Arthur C Clarke

Dropped over at Coyote Prime’s shop and he inadvertently gave me an excuse to put something out here I’ve been dying to mention for ages.

Was Arthur like H.G.Wells, a foundation pre-programmer? Or was he something independent? Either way I always enjoyed his work.

Here is a great piece from Hoagland’s shop about Arthur.

And here is the Black Knight Satellite.

Now why would Steven Hawkings have gone all alien on us recently?

What are they grooming us for?

Staged alien invasion?

Well let’s invert that whole thought line and go here to read about imprisonment or as the Anonymous Physicist terms it, Mankind’s Quarantine.

All of the above is wonderful stuff in the finest sense. And you need to wade through miles and miles of deliberately thickened, viscous propaganda before you can glimpse the Promised Land. To find the real deal or at least things that you should not know.

Now I don’t know about you but I smell TPTB paying to hide the real gear behind fanciful malarkey. Just like 9/11.

So that must mean there is a real deal hidden in all the 9/11 malarkey.

Did the aliens do it?

Or earthbound monsters?

Heads up.

Tee hee I enjoyed that.