Friday, 13 August 2010

Dots in the distance.

Ten years since Kursk and thousands of
miles from the Pripyet marshes.

All before 9/11. Check the 2001 entries here.

C do you remember the swimming
pools and orchestras stuff that got accidentally leaked?

Do you remember the giant Buna plant that never delivered a drop of oil and yet consumed massive amounts of leky power?

Remember I posted that all this I.G.Farben malarky took until 2001 to wind down?

And now to suraci.

What was going on that day?

Hei Hu Quan is correct there was an op on that day but where? Locally or internationally? Zimbabwe? Thailand? Who in London was going to get

There are shades of the pig farm here

The dots are all there though the joining will take a great deal of warping.

We can do that.