Monday, 9 August 2010

Boring Part 7 of ? Or The Disposition of Forces and The Transformative Medium of the Great Uninhabited War. Part Two.

Remember if you will a little item I gave you a heads up about last year? Remember? Hopefully the realisation of just what a load of arsebarking horselloonery the whole idea is got through.

I mean WTF? A GREEN battle space? So what does that actually mean?

Imagine being in a wedding party in some far off tribal area. You know the kind of area, remote, insular, agrarian, just like Norwich, families interbred, no one goes anywhere except to a religious festival, but not far because the muppets are dirt poor since they are not in the fiat money Ponzy scheme. In fact just the area that the CIA/MI Hi/MOSSAD like to come in to cause trouble and set up patsies. So imagine the lads let of their old muskets as whatever passes for tribal ritual goes on its merry way, harming no one actually within the fiat money Ponzy scheme.

Or imagine you’ve been out with your mates and got 16 pints of Guinness down your neck and decide to have a leak over the hedge in a field near Thurles.

High in the sky a sensor picks up the noncompliant emission of, you’ve guessed it, killer gases CO2 FFS!! and other products of combustion. They might even have a fix on the amount of flatulence the wedding party is causing as they revel their way through the peaceful day. In fact the nosey creeps keeping an eye on all this most likely have a non compliance notice ready if the bridegroom goes for a second emission that night!!!

Once the sensor has picked up the unGREEN festivities, a thousand miles away a GREEN hyperkinetic munition is readied on the GREEN platform of a GREEN battle group and the GREEN light is given to launch.

Within minutes the GREEN munition strikes just as the wedding party are getting ready for the big handover as daughter becomes wife and KABBLANGGGG!!! Everyone is dead, the hills echo to the sound of GREEN death, land slides are triggered, many outside the kill zone are deafened for life and the area becomes famous for the three headed children and no legged dogs that populate the area for centuries thereafter.

That is DU GREEN.

“Hold on a minute INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you murmur “You just made that all up!”

Yes I did and there is more to come, it will get even weirder now that the muppets in charge of all this lunacy are known.

You see the predisposition of the forces arrayed against us is homicidal psychopath. They are predisposed to kill. The NOAHide suicide gang. They aim to get us to kill ourselves for their pleasure and leisuretime so that they can get back to the alignment of genitalia upon astrological terms.

As those who live in UKplc will know there is a great deal of hoo-hah about the coming cuts in the Armed Forces. The RAF will be reduced to building Airfix models of spitfires and the Army will soon have to exercise on bicycles around Trent Park!! Oh and the RN will be reduced to two four acre flat tops which will most likely be turned into night clubs.

Do not panic, stay calm and remain indoors, all is well.

You see I detect an echo of the complete mechanization of the British Army before the Second World War. All the horses got shot long before a shot was fired. Something the Germans didn’t do because they weren’t planning on a massive cull of the human population.

Here is what I see going on.

In the uninhabited war, where there are no witnesses to the war crimes, the administrator (commissars) in the command unreality generation centres will need to be convinced that the war is being prosecuted with the fullest GREEN compliance.

Got that?

Couple that with what I said in the previous outing about the lethality space encompassing ALL the battle space and collateral space if chosen.

What we have here is the prosecution of NOAHide by machines. The fools are actually getting ready to uninhabit the battle because it is too lethal. Which provides the muppets with the ideal opportunity to kill off any target deemed non compliant by the algorithms running the war. That includes us.

That is what all the GREEN munitions and GREEN battle fleets and GREEN aviation fuel is all about.

Now for the devious part. A great many will not fall for this shit so there will need to be created a GREEN Commissariat, steeped in GREEN, purest of the pure and they will be empowered to take away our lives if we do not comply. Why? Well there is a war on fool!!!

A GREEN war where the forces of GOOD GREEN are struggling against the barbarians who will swamp us with their flatulence and wedding parties if we don’t let the robots kill them all.

And through this whole process the transformation of mankind into a Transhumanist nightmare will proceed. Augmenting the human being by drug use is currently common place for long endurance military aircrews. So expect cyber enhancements like exoskeletons, sensory fusion and enhancements, even part replacement before trauma.

This is what we face and unfortunately it might be our turn to get the stuffing like the Russians before hand and the Chinese.


Well these fat clowns cannot stand anyone telling them to go and fuck themselves, that’s why. Their whole outlook is a mendacious evil lie, they know it, and cannot have anyone pointing it out. They are after all just the longest running numbers racket ever.

Isn’t that so Al(What’s your real handle?)?