Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Now Hear This….(Updated)

…stay on the ground. Do not travel. Stay indoors. Get the fuck underground and stay there!!!!!!

Thank fuck my nearest and dearest will have transited that airspace before this thing kicks off.

You just know that when the word “Joint” heaves into view that the probability of something going tits up will have increased by four or five orders of magnitude.


Remind you of anything?

Thought so.

And look what is just next door. That’s right the stupid muppet with the stupid hair style and the stupid Joe 90 specs . Who has most probably been handed sealed orders from his Rock/Roth handlers on when to let off his next Big Stick.


UPDATE Look where this is kicking off. They really do intend to let the laws of probability, combined with deliberate slackening of control and procedures, light the fire.